Someone take my SUPERMOM card away!!!!

Since having Baby M I have become a crap mommy. Actually it started while I was pregnant with Baby M. In my defense I was awful sick, living off Zofran and Prevacid to make it through the day!! Toward the end I was the size of a whale and unable to get around much less do anything much around the house.

So here Baby M is 21 weeks old, as of yesterday, and legal to drool as Superdad says! HA HA! She is growing up so fast!! Baby M is starting to take a try at crawling. It is adorable. She will get up on hands and knees and rock!

21 weeks Crawling

That's my Superbaby!!! I think she has a new name to go along with Superdad. :)

Okay, back to losing my SUPERMOM card and cape. I have always ironed my kids clothes for school. I used to make a big pile on Sunday and iron for the week. UNTIL, I didn't give a damn anymore. Not because I like my kids looking like they slept in their clothes but because I don't have the energy anymore to fool with it. I have gotten to where I grab the clothes fresh out of the dryer instead of leaving them in it for DAYS which left them wrinkled to where I had to iron them. Voila! So I don't really iron anything unless it is a special event.

~I used to have a nightly routine where I would turn every ones bed down for them. Fluff their pillow and so forth. Not anymore. You can turn it down yourself and tidy it up in the morning. I feel guilt over this one! I may go in their room in the morning and tidy up the bed and pick up the dirty clothes and throw them on their bed for them to FIGURE it out themselves! The only time I really make their beds is when I change the sheets. Does this make me a slacker??

Since having my fourth baby, I think they should be making my bed for me! HA HA! JOKING!!!

~OMG, the laundry. I recently taught my 14 year old the difference between wearable again and dirty clothes. Just because you wear it to the mall for 2 hours does NOT make it dirty. Unless you spilled your lunch on it of course.

~My 3 year old is the same!!! She likes to change clothes 3-4 times a day!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!

So yesterday I actually folded all the clothes, mopped, vacuumed, dusted and made an awesome dinner. Maybe I do deserve my SUPERMOM card and cape after all!


Mary said…
You DEFINITELY get to keep the card! Ironing is overrated - I haven't ironed since leaving my job in October. And if your kids ever get it about the wearable vs. dirty thing, can you please have them explain it to mine?
Brenda Jean said…
OMG did you really iron all their school clothing, and fluff their pillows/beds etc? Tell me you didn't. Come are making me look like Super Slob compared to your Super Mom status. You know if you hang up the clothing it needs no ironing:) And I for the record have explained to my teens that jeans CAN be worn more than once as can bed clothing. Go me.
Brenda Jean said…
Forgot to mention SUPER BABY IS ADORABLE-- she demands hugs and kisses she is so dang cute.
Supermom said…
HA HA!! Sure thing Mary. I promise there are 3 choices. CLEAN. WEARABLE AGAIN. DIRTY!!!

Brenda ~hanging head~
Yes, I did iron school clothes. Can we paste the letter "L" on my forehead please!!!!

DITTO for the pj's!!!!! And bath towels. I think they can get TWO good uses, sometimes THREE!!!!

Thanks about Superbaby. She is a keeper!!!