Pshaw! I did rather well I think.

**Note to my readers: I am not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV or online**

Day 7 without Zoloft. I am feeling rather well. I know you ARE NOT supposed to quit cold turkey but it just sort of happened that way. Last week I forgot to take my 100mg dose. I didn't realize it until the next day and then I said, "SCREW IT" and decided to quit altogether. Some may say that is wasn't real smart on my part. But ~shrug~ you do what you think is best for you. Some may also say a woman going through PPD isn't rational enough to be thinking straight and shouldn't just QUIT her medication.

My only complaint has been the dizziness. I didn't notice it yesterday or today so I am guessing I am over that part.

I am trying to be positive and just take it day by day. So please don't just quit your meds if you are reading this post. What I did was probably stupid but it's done and over with at this point.

Yesterday I got out of the house and even had lunch with my Superdad. Well not my dad but my husband. He is "Superdad" now. I quit calling him HBG, HB and B1. Sorry for all the confusion. Reminds me of people that always change their email address. PEOPLE please stop changing your email address. It is really annoying and I don't have time to change my address book every time you want to make a change. HA HA!

I feel like a lazy bum. Here it is Wednesday and I still haven't picked up the house. The dust bunnies come out to play at night I believe. I sure wish that cleaning fairy would show up soon. Along with the laundry fairy and cooking fairy. While I am dreaming big, how about a taxi fairy as well.

I did hit Ingle's yesterday to buy my NON organic stuff. I haven't been in a month or longer. I needed to pick up tea bags, coffee, cleaning supplies, wipes and other unimportant things. Of course Lil O picked up several random things and added to the cart as well. She came home with a Diary that locks. What in the world does a three year old have to write in her diary that she wants no one else to see?

~Dear Diary,
I refused to use the potty today. Those adults are going to have to get over it and continue to wipe my butt for me.

~Dear Diary,
Why did they have my little sister? She pulls my hair, drools all over me and hogs the bed at night?

~Dear Diary,
Why does mommy always ask me, "did you hear me"? Does she think I am deaf. I am just ignoring her when she tells me to stop doing something. DUH!

Who wants to come over and crack open her diary lock and see what her secrets are?

I am working on Kid Friendly Asheville. I am trying to redo the header and such. There is so much I want to post on KFA this week. If you live in Asheville or planning a trip here soon please check back for daily updates! When voting starts I will also post that so you can vote for KFA!!!!!

Must get off butt and do something productive....


Helene said…
Glad to hear you're doing well off the medication!! That's great!

I was laughing out loud about the comments you made regarding your daughter and her locked diary! She sounds so much like my daughter! Whenever I go into Bella's room, she tells me "don't go in there, it's private" and I say "do you pay the mortgage?" My God, she's only 3 yrs old!! What's she gonna be like when she's 16?

Love the pics you posted below of you and baby M....SOOOO cute!
Mary said…
Glad you're feeling well. But don't hesitate to check with the doc if you need to readjust things. I've done the cold turkey thing and it did not go well. Nothing terrible, just felt like crap. Keep us posted.