Okay, I am actually going for 4 times today!

BLOGGING that is!! Get your minds out of the gutter!

My lil sis stopped by for a surprise visit. We loaded up in the car and went for a bite of lunch together. We have such a great time together. Superdad was able to join us as well. When we were finished with that it was about time to head to school to collect the kids.

I have been cleaning a few area rugs in the house and enjoying my almost finished front porch! They laid the tile yesterday and it's looking AWESOME!!!!!

Okay, must run and clean the kitchen, fold about 5 loads of laundry and get ready for GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to say something I have always wanted to say,

"Honey, thanks for the shag last night."

HA HA!! I love that word and glad I was able to actually use it in the right context!


Debbie said…
I am so depressed. "I'm going for 4 times today - get your minds out of the gutter" and my mind wasn't in the gutter. My poor, tired, middle-aged mind had forgotten about the gutter. This is a very sad day for me. Glad you had a good day yesterday though!