Man, I had a rough night and I fear it only gets worse.

After posting a blog about my beautiful caring teenage daughter with the world at her feet....blah blah blah

All hell broke lose.

MySpace SUCKS and I would totally delete it BUT I have reconnected with some great people from high school that way. It's the only way for me to email them or just send them a comment. Soooo, hormonal teen wanted a MySpace for her own. I understood that. Everyone has an account these days and it is a way to socialize with her peers from school besides HOGGING the phone.

So after much thought, blood, sweat and tears I helped her make an account. Under an alias of course and she used one of MY email addresses. I also had to know the password and she wasn't allowed to change it. She knew I had free range of her account and WOULD be dropping in from time to time to read her email and look around. I am a responsible parent and those were the rules to have the account. Live with them or DON'T get the account. I don't care. It only adds more work for me to begin with.

Last week she had some trouble with a boy, I'll call him twit #2. They were "going out" and such even though he didn't even go to her school. blah blah blah She broke up with him. He got mad and called her NAMES. BAD NAMES. Such big words for someone so young. WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE KIDS PARENTS WITH THEIR BARS OF SOAP?!?!? So, she ended up taking him off her friends list and making him unable to see her profile. That was also a rule, the profile was to be kept private and she wasn't allowed to post any pictures of herself showing off her girls parts of flashing stupid gang signs. ~eyeroll~ So she used various icons as her picture which suited me just fine.

Okay, so last week I get an email saying
"Iam a vanerial diseas like a minstro i bleed! accepted your friend request".

HUH is what I was thinking. So I was irritated already. Since she has gotten MySpace it has only caused grief. I hate MYSPACE. I hope it crashes. After I get email addresses and phone numbers from high school friends first!!!

Last night I wasn't looking for a fight or wanting to cause an argument. I just simply stated to the hormonal teen that I wanted her to clean up her friends on MySpace. I told her, "I want you to pretend your computer is sitting in the middle of your church and your pastor is looking over your shoulder. Who would you be embarrassed by him seeing then DELETE that person." I wasn't asking her to cut her hair off and become a nun. Seriously. I just wanted to her clean up the people that didn't need to be on there. This is where it all went wrong. She screamed. She cried. She screamed some more. She stomped. She slammed doors. She woke up the babies. She screamed some more. Then she gets on the floor, rocking all balled up saying that she wanted her daddy. I said, "He's on his way here so you can have him when he gets here."

He got here and took hormonal teen outside and they talked for about an hour. Maybe a bit more.

I am a responsible parent and I will do whatever it takes to make sure hormonal teen stays grounded and not sucked into crap. She will graduate HS in 4 years and then go to college. SHE will have the world at her feet and I will do everything in my power so she doesn't screw that up! PERIOD!

She came back inside and apologized to me and her step dad. She was back to my old H. The possessed demon had left her body and she was my loving teenager again. I hate hormones and I hate MYSPACE!!!