I want to set a good example.

Last night I was speaking to B1. ~I think I will start to call him My Man or Mr. Supermom. Hmmm~ I was talking about how I read these other things/blogs that use a LOT of bad words. Not that it is a bad thing BUT I know for a fact my oldest daughter, who is 14, reads my blog. She tells me. "Hey, I read your blog today." I want to set an example of the woman I am and the woman she will want to be. Kids are very observant and will act the way you act. So if you are more likely to cuss every other word chances are so will your children.

I am not saying this to scold anyone, I just know how it makes me feel and I cringe when I think about younger people reading it. My daughter is a wonderful young lady with the world at her feet. I want her to have every opportunity at life. Travel. Enjoy everything. Get a nice job. Someday marry and have babies of her own. 10 YEARS FROM NOW!! :)

Let me add that I am no saint. I have been known to let my mouth get dirty. For some reason when you step on a small toy it is comforting to growl "OH SHIT!". You know what I mean? For some people a band aide makes it better for me it is those 2 words above.

Okay, off my soap box as they say.

My plans for the weekend. Work on Kid Friendly Asheville . Grocery shop. The menu for the week:

Chicken Quesadillas w/homemade guacamole.
Quiches w/salad.
Pasta w/chicken.
Fried Rice.
Salmon Loaf
Veggie Night. Squash, sweet potatoes and corn.

So, in the morning we are going to hit the tail-gate market and Earth Fare for my weekly grocery shopping. Exciting huh?

Okay, I am off to listen to BANG BANG BANG BANG all day.

Oh oh oh!! My great aunt K turns 80 TODAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Company is in town and we are celebrating tonight!!!!!


Helene said…
You are SO good about planning your meals for the week. I just wing it and try to put something together at the last minute! I wish I was more organized!

I'll admit I let a few choice words fly out of my mouth every once in awhile, usually when I step on a toy with a barefoot or when I spill something. And of course little ears are always around listening but they never say anything until you're at a family gathering and you hear a little voice say "dammnit" when he spills his juice...hahaha!