I LOVE the word SHAG!!!!

I am not talking about carpet either! I love the British and their flare for words. I love the word SHAG!!!! SHAG! SHAG! SHAG!

I have always loved this word and would enjoy incorporating into my everyday life. I am sure you could use it many different ways. I know for sure that my husband would like for me use the original meaning of course. "Honey, wanna shag?"

I love this word! So instead of thinking about green 70's carpet when you hear shag, use it for other things. Those British are bloody AWESOME! I have decided my next husband will be British or my kids have to marry a British man/woman when the time comes.

Right now I am visioning Mr. Darcy (the one from the Keira Knightley movie NOT the one from the BBC mini series) whispering in my hear "Wanna shag?". ~swoon~ Oh wait! It's gone, Austin Powers just popped in my head. Yeah BABY! Now that is definitely NOT Mr. Darcy. (Matthew Macfadyen)

Not to change the shag subject but did anyone catch the Coco Chanel movie on Lifetime? I loved it!!!! I want to find Coco Chanel books now to read more about her and Boy. I am sure the movie was tweaked quite a bit from the actual version. I do know Boy wasn't as handsome in real life like the actor that played him. It is always that way! HA HA!

We just finished watching Long Way Down. Really good series! If you can find this, watch it! You will not be disappointed!

Okay, enough shag talk. Enough TV talk. Okay maybe not enough shag talk....oh honey???????