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Happy Birthday to You.

Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy 5 month Birthday Moon Pie Sugar Booger Cup Cake Chunky Monkey Tubs Superbaby M!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!

Today my Baby M is 5 months old. ~sniff sniff~

I would like to thank Baby M for everything. The sleepless nights. The sleepless days. The coos. The whistles. The laughs. The smiles. The spit up. The baths we share together. Snuggling in bed at night. Napping together in the day. The kisses she gives. Holding my hand. Lighting up when I enter the room. Raising her arms for me to pick her up. Learning to rock on her hands and knees. Trying to stand! Rolling all over the living room. Enjoy being in the wrap. Even the crying. Smelling yummy after your bath. Your super soft baby skin.

You have blessed me, and the rest of the family, in so many ways. Thank you for coming into our lives because we wouldn't be complete without you.

Here is Baby M giving her Supermom special kisses:

Kissing Baby

Kissing Baby

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Brenda Jean said...

OOOOOOOHHHHH, baby kisses are the best! She's at such a fun age:)