Give Me A Break

I have a humorous story to tell you.

Phone rings "Is Matt there?"

Me "You have the wrong number."

Hang up.

Phone rings again.


Is Matt there?

Me "You have the wrong number."

Girl on Phone (AKA-GOP) "I meant to ask for B2."

He's not here. Be back on Sunday.

GOP "Tell him it's OVER."

I think you have the wrong B2. Who are you looking for?


Yep, that's my son. Who is this?

GOP Sarah.

She said it like I should know who she was.


I am laughing at this point. I made a statement about not knowing he had a girlfriend.

GOP Could you tell him it's over??

I was giggling getting ready to ask her another question BUT she hung up on me.

I was hung up on by a 10 year old girl. WTF?? Bummer!!

Who wants to break the news to my 10 year old son that it is OVER?!?!


Helene said…
Awww, poor guy! But it is kinda funny that he never mention this so-called girlfriend to you!
Maternal Mirth said…
Oh the dramas of 10 year olds ...