Found in Ollie's Diary:

Dear Diary,
My Mom thinks I have forgotten the word DAMMIT. Just you wait!! When the time is right I am going to say it again and LAUGH!!! I laugh at supervision. Ha ha ha

PS. I wish she would stop calling me OLLIE!!!!


Debbie said…
This is great. I love the fact that you'll get this sprung on you when you least expect it!
Mary said…
Too funny!
auntie Tammy said…
thats right ollies gotta go its driving me nuts go O tell mommy that it does'nt say ollie on the birth certificate
Ron said…
I hadn't been dating my wife Tammy for long, we were together at her house, when her then 11 yr old daughter Chelsea (she has 4 kids) used the "F" word. "T" scolded her for her choice of words and that was that. Later, "C" wanted to do something for which she needed permission. "T" was about to say yes, when her youngest son Kyle who was 6 then, walked by and casually said "F word"
It was classic and priceless. In one felled swoop, he reminded "T" of the trangression and shot down sisters request.
Her oldest two are out of the house now, mostly. That leaves the eternal struggle between "C" (very soon 18) and "K" (very soon 13) to continue daily.
I am so looking forward to the kidless elderly years. NOT !