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I am getting pretty pissed to hear EVERY breath, "I WANT THAT! I WANT THAT! MOMMY, LOOK I WANT THAT!!!! I WANT THAT!!! I WANT THAT!!!!!"

EVERY COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!! At first I just said, "We'll see." Then I started saying, "Stop saying that at every commercial!". My older kids know that when they hear "We'll see" its over. It's not going to happen and don't ask mom again! I will be glad when Lil O learns that. HA HA!!! Damn people and their love to shop!


If you know me personally then you know I hate shopping. Really I do. I could care less about brands and researching into what I plan to buy. For example if I am shopping for clothes this is the short check list I go through. Does it fit? Do I like the color? Will it cover up my massive milk jugs? Will it hide my baby belly? DING DING!!! We have a winner. Lets say we are looking for a refrigerator. This would be my check list hypothetically speaking. Does it keep things COLD? Will it fit in the space we need it to fit it? Will they take the old one away??? DING DING!!! That's it! I am pretty easy to shop for.

Now I will admit that I love bargain shopping. If I see SALE or get coupons in the mail I am all over it. Yesterday JCPenney had an AMAZING sale. Ollie needed fall/winter clothes since fall is in the mountain air. Plus I had gotten some JCP coupons in the mail. BONUS!! I saved 130.00 shopping yesterday at JCP. Ollie (formally know as Lil O) got 4 pairs of pants, 4 long sleeved shirts, a DORA FREAKING NIGHTGOWN, panties, undershirts, 2 new pairs of shoes, B2 got a new jacket and I bought myself a new sweater. ~I washed my FAVORITE grey cashmere sweater and it shrunk. I loved that sweater!! SOBBING! It zipped up the front and had a hood. SNIFFLE!!!! So I needed something to keep me warm. I am SOOO not a jacket person. I love sweaters. So, I bought this green sweater. I wanted a grey or black but MY MIL said I needed to start looking at colors! HA HA!

Another bargain place I love to visit and really shouldn't is Tuesday Mornings. SHAME SHAME!!!! I am already jonesing to go back and look around BUT I will refrain myself. Then there is Steinmart. MUST REFRAIN FROM LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN! MUST NOT GO TO TUESDAYS OR STEINMART!

Have you checked out my new KID FRIENDLY site???? Kid Friendly Asheville
Have you seen the new design??? Love it?!!?! Hate it!?!? Check it out and even vote for me at BlogAsheville. KFA is nominated for Best New Blog created in past 12 months. Considering it's only been on the web for a little over 2 weeks, I am excited about it. I love KFA! Please go for a visit and tell me your opinion.

Okay, enough chit chat for today. I am actually going to shower and put on clothes. Actual clothes not just clean PJ's. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your family like I am!

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