1 Wedding and NO Funerals.

It has been very busy for me since I last blogged. I have had so many emotions to deal with. I have cried. I have prayed. I have felt helpless.

Friday my 81 year old great aunt hemorrhaged. She was admitted to the hospital. Cancer. I went up their briefly. We all know how I feel about death so going up there was very difficult for me. Talking with her and telling her how much she meant to me and my love for her. She was just at my house playing with "Cupcake". That's what she calls Mads.

Thankfully my wonderful Lil sis went and picked up H and B2 from school and took them home for the night. That allowed me private time to cry and mope around.

This morning they took out her uterus and ovaries. They said her lymph nodes looked great and they don't think the cancer spread outside of her uterus. They did get out a tumor the size of an orange. They will know results in 4-5 days about her lymph nodes. She may not have to do chemo or radiation. Thank God she made it through surgery.

After that I had to attend a DAMA meeting. It was nice to get away and forget some of the sadness. I was gone for 3 hours. I really enjoyed myself.

As soon as I walked in the door Superdad and H left for a wedding. His friend at work was getting hitched. Since I was unable to go I encouraged H to go as his date. I told him people were going to think him a perv with such a younger woman on his arm. Ha Ha.

Soooo that left me, Ollie, Mads and B2 at home. Ollie played with playdoh. I picked up. B2 yacked on the phone with a girl and played XBox. We even ordered takeout from Asheville Pizza Company because they DELIVERED it to the house.

Ollie and Mads are in bed now. B2 is watching TV. Superdad and H are on the computerS. I am in bed thumbing up a storm. This is the second time typing up this post. I hit a button earlier and POOF everything was gone.

I am missing the BlogAsheville awards. I know it is a very long shot that Kid Friendly Asheville will win best new blog created in past 12 months BUT I can still be excited about just maybe winning. It's okay if I don't because at least KFA is being recognized in the community and I think that is awesome!! Thanks to everyone that voted for me.

Okay, I am going to give my thumbs some rest. Night Night!


debbie said…
I am so sorry you have had such stress. My prayers are with your family.
Monkey's Momma said…
I am extremely close to my great-aunt Dorothy and she has had several health problems in the last few years. I love her dearly and so I know how you feel. Keep your chin up!
Anonymous said…
wishing you lots of strength and patience..... :)
Helene said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. I will include her in my prayers.
Mike Testa said…
That sounds rough. Hang in there. You can get some straight talk about funerals here: http://www.funeral-tips.com