Yesterday was one of the WORST days of my life.

Good Tuesday morning. It is Tuesday right? My mind is fried and I may need therapy after yesterday. Seriously.

Our day was planned out and we were having a grand time at Target. Laughing. Shopping. Enjoying life. It was really nice.

Let me say something before the horror story starts. My kids will give me a hard time. Teasing me. They have even went as far as telling me that B2 was hurt on the trampoline and couldn't move. Only for me to get outside and they start to laugh. Sooooo NOT COOL! I got them back. I asked them to come into the garage I had to tell them something. I had the hose on and at full force!!!!! Soaking them. ha ha Anyway....

I was checking out the couch covers and they were goofing off with some game chair in the middle aisle. I finish looking at the covers and get everyone to head back to the school supply area. The main point of our shopping trip. H mentions she is dizzy. I think nothing of it because she got up from the floor from playing with that chair. I say, "Stop fooling around. Let's get our shopping finished here.". We had plans to hit the mall next and the FOOD COURT! We continue to walk toward the school area in the back corner. She then mentions she is seeing spots. She sits down in the floor. I think she is pulling my leg and I tell her to get up and come on. Then we round the corner and I see the school things. She sits down again. I say again, "get up, lets get this done.". ~I am getting all teared up playing this back in my head~

This is where is gets all blurry for me. Like my life was flashing before my eyes. I am sure the whole event lasted 30 minutes or more but for me it was a matter of seconds.

H is pushing the cart with Lil O sitting in it. B2 is walking beside the cart. I am in front of the cart with Baby M in the Bjorn. I see H begin to fall face first, scraping her face down the cart as she falls. At this point I am screaming hysterically for someone to call 911. I am sure I screamed it a several times as I rush around the cart to turn H over. She is face down on the floor. OMG this memory haunted me all damn day and during the night. I remember a woman helping me turn her over. I am screaming. I am crying. H has this really odd look on her face. I was thinking a seizure. She lost consciousness for maybe 15 seconds. I don't think it was anymore than that. I cannot be really sure though. I lost all track of time. Life flashing before my eyes type thing.

Someone at Target said 911 was called. I don't remember this being said. My son told me later he heard it. She was brought a pillow. Someone gave her a drink from the cafe. I'm hysterical. She is an awful color and sticky feeling. I am checking her out. Crying. She's crying. Someone takes Baby M from me. B2 and Lil O are just watching with a scared shit look on their faces. That's the only way I can phrase it. Usually I am not one to say naughty words.

I do remember asking B2 to find my cell and give it to me. I heard someone say that we already called 911. I say, "No, I'm calling my husband.". He works downtown and could get their quickly. I think I told him to get to Target that H passed out and 911 was called.

I'm crying still. H is crying. I am bent over her holding her. The woman is being so kind. She is a nurse I find out. She checked H's pulse. I remember seeing her little girl behind her.

The first paramedics show up. I burst out in tears. I have to explain the whole story to them. They are checking her out. Her BP is fine. They even check her sugar. It is fine. Then the second set of paramedics show up with a stretcher. This is where my husband enters, I think. I really am not sure. I have to tell my story again to them. They continue to check her out as well. They tell me something like that they could take her in the ambulance or I could take her. I ask if they think she is okay for me to take her. I wasn't sure how to get up there with the rest of the kids if they took her in the ambulance.

They help her up and make sure she is able to walk.

Long story short. We get her to the minivan. I call her doctor to see if they want to see her or to take her on to the hospital. They thought the hospital would be best since she passed out and hit the ground.

We spent 3 hours at the hospital. Maybe a bit more. They check her out twice. A CT is ordered. They found lots of fluid in her ears and sinuses. Sinusitis is what they say. With all the fluid in her ears it messed up her equilibrium. Hence dizzy and passing out COLD.

They also diagnosed her with something else related to her passing out.

She is on an antibiotic for 10 days.

It was a rough day for all of us. I cried most of the day. When H saw me cry she'd cry too. I was thinking it was my fault for not listening to her. I told her this. She would reassure me it wasn't my fault. Then we'd cry together.

Her face will be okay. No broken bones. She is swollen, scratched and bruised. I told her I have some great Clinique products to cover that up on the first day of school on Thursday.

I know we will be okay from all this. It was very traumatic and scared the shit out of me.

I love my crazy H and I am so glad she is okay. Last night I was thinking how blessed and thankful I am.

Thank you God for everything you have blessed me with. I will try to treasure it every single moment of every single day.


Ro said…
What a frightening experience! Do not blame yourself... any mom would have done the same thing. Being "dizzy" generally does not mean "going to pass out." I'm so sorry you had to go through this and I'm so glad to hear she is ok... All my best, Ro
Janine said…
Your story gives me flashbacks to years ago, when my eldest passed out from a febrile convulsion. I was also hysterical. Couldn't stop crying. I'm glad everything is ok for you and her now. Keep strong.
Mary said…
I'm crying just reading this. So very glad everything's okay. You're a great mom! You're Supermom, remember?
Supermom said…
Thank you for the comments.

H is taking it easy on the couch. She is still wearing her hospital bracelet. I guess to have something to talk about.

Michelle :)
Brenda Jean said…
Wow, I can so relate to humor in the family, and I can see doing the same thing. The mommy guilt gets us all, and I've had it big time over the years. {{{{HUGS}}}} I'm glad she will be fine and you will be too once a little time passes.
Jennifer Saylor said…
I am so glad to hear all is well.
Helene said…
I had chills reading that post! I can only imagine how scared you were!!! I'm so glad to hear she's okay though and it was nothing more serious than fluid in the ears. And it wasn't your fault at could you know she wasn't tricking you? I'm really glad though that she's okay!!