That made my morning.

First, let me apologize for not having the time to explore new blogs these days. Since having Chunky Monkey 4 months ago my computer time is limited. Usually just to update my blog or check email. Since getting my Blackberry I emailed the blog links to that and when I am sitting around nursing, holding a sleeping baby or in carpool, I read blogs that way.

If you want to share your blog with me, please comment with the link. I'd really enjoy that and love the opportunity to meet new bloggers.

This morning I actually checked my stat counter. I noticed a few hits coming from a certain page. I had to check into that of course. lol What I saw made my day!!!! I think my smile will be plastered on my face for most of the morning. Unless of course, Lil O pees in the floor or Chunky Monkey spits up on something. lol

This site has me listed in her blog list!!!!!!! ~sniffle~

In the Treetop


My Blog List

That's me!!!!!!!!!!

Again, thank you for making my day. I promise to do my best in checking out new blogs. Don't forget to comment with your blog links!!!!!


Mary said…
I SO know what you mean. I love so many blogs, and I've been terrible about keeping up with them. Twitter helps!
Brenda Jean said…
Of course you are in my blog list-- I love your blog! I wish blogs were around when I had my kids-- it would have been so cool to blog about the baby days! They are 8, 14 and 15 now-- the teens are taller than I am. Don't worry about visiting-- just keep on writing and take care of yourself:)
Helene said…
I feel the same many blogs, so little time! I try to sit down every evening after the kiddos are in bed and read my favorite blogs but sometimes I'm just too tired!!!

BTW, you're in my blog list too!!!
Supermom said…
I am going to give all 3 of you a huge HUG!!! (((())))
Jaime said…
I would love for you to come and check out our blog at We thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and would love to see what you think of ours! We are getting a facelift soon (the blog, not me unfortunately).

Thanks so much SuperMom! Take care!
One of my blogging friends just shared your blog with me and I am really glad that she did. Thanks for the link to raising free range kids.

Feel free to link to me and I will link to you :)

Monkey's Momma said…
You are on my blog list too. I love your blog!