Slow Down, Sit Back, Relax

If it was only that easy. Right? I have been crazy busy, like forget to brush your teeth and put on deodorant busy. HA HA! Well, not that busy because I did brush my pearly whites and put on deodorant.

Friday, I made myself get out of my comfort zone. Which was a good thing for me to do. We had a lovely couple move in next door couple years back. They are a bit younger than me. Not that I am old or anything. I look fabulous to be in my EARLY 30's and have 4 children. ~insert amused smile here~ Anyway... We met at a local play place for kids. We let Lil O and their daughter play for a bit. I was able to enjoy adult conversation and enjoy being out of the house. My sister once told me that I wasn't approachable. So, sometimes that sticks with me. I am not a snob by any means. I am just quiet. Letting my neighbors into my world was a big step for me. I hope we are able to get together more and hang out if they'd like. Perhaps they didn't enjoy my company as much as I did theirs. HA HA!

If you live in Asheville or visit Asheville, you must visit the Grove Arcade. It is one of my favorite places to go. I had some extra time after having lunch with B1 at Early Girl before the play date. I went to the "grandmother shop" in the Grove Arcade. The name is Heaven something or other. I always get it all messed up so I just call it a "grandmother shop". I bought a cool nursing shirt and Lil O some socks. It looks like she is wearing Mary Jane shoes. HA HA! I bought a pastel rainbow of all these socks. Aren't they adorable!?!?! For little boys they had some to favor tennis shoes.

Baby Socks

That was Friday. Saturday we get up and hit the local tailgate market. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! All this fresh produce, mostly 1.00 a pound. I bought squash, garlic, corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. Then we hit Earth Fare to finish up my long list. Beforehand I sat down and made a menu for the week. Chicken Quesadillas with homemade guacamole, Steak, salad and Potatoes, Fish Sandwiches with Fries, Fresh Veggies and Quiches. Sweet Potatoes.

YUMMY!!!!! Plus, I am making a couple homemade butterscotch pies! Anyone want to come over for a slice?

I have a new job! Cutting my B1's hair. He asked me if I could cut it. Sure. I didn't see a problem. It looks really good. Now I can add something to the list of "Things Michelle Can Do".

The construction on the house will start soon. I am really excited about the changes. After the porch and roof are finished I want to work on a couple things inside. Really just the icing so to speak. Add some art work, rugs and such. That excites me more than the porch. Maybe. HA HA!

Well, I hate to rush but I better. Kids to feed and etc...


Monkey's Momma said…
My husband is originally from N.C. and we have family there. We drive right through Asheville on our way to their home.