Potty Training Idea. I hope it works.

Potty Training Idea

Potting training has been becoming a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!

Lil O almost had it perfected until Baby M came along.

We have tried every freaking thing. PRAISE!! STICKERS!! BRIBERY!!!!

NOTHING IS WORKING. Frankly I am tired of changing POOPY DIAPERS!! I am already changing a baby and STILL A TODDLER!!!

I just want to scream. When we talk to Lil O about it she will tell us she already used the potty. I have tried to tell her over and over again that you have to use the POTTY EVERYDAY. That time you used it last week DOESN'T COUNT!!!!!!

I had an idea over the weekend and I put it to use Monday.

I cleaned out her DVD drawer of her favorite movies. If she pees or poops in the potty she gets ONE DVD back. To watch the DVD she has to poop or pee AGAIN in the potty. If there is an accident she LOSES the DVD AGAIN.

Monday--She peed in potty. She got her Backyardigans DVD back.

She peed in potty again. She got to watch the DVD.

She pooped in POTTY! I am really excited by this point thinking the plan was working.

Then she peed all over the play area! I even had to pick up the play kitchen to mop under.

DVD was taken AWAY!!!!

So, today is Thursday right? I haven't had to watch any movies so far if you get my drift!!!!

Any ideas?? Please share them with me!!!! I shouldn't have to be changing my 3 year old daughters poopy diapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ro said…
Isn't it amazing that we get excited over things like pooping in a potty? I can't wait for the day that my baby will be able to do that. I may need you for moral support. Amen.
Blog O' Beth said…
I don't know how old your toddler is but I know that my daughter was about 3 1/2 by the time she was consistently using the potty. I just stopped making a big deal out of it. The other thing you can do is let her walk around naked from the waist-down. Or just take away the diapers and make her wear panties, it might be messy for awhile but she'll get the idea. I do know that the more I pushed the worst it got. This is the only thing she can control and so she is. good luck!
Lori said…
I'm in the same boat. My son is just over three and peeing on the potty sometimes at preschool so I tried PT at home and he was not interested at all. I bribed him with hotwheels (his favorite) and all he did was pee and poop in his Diego underwear for 4 days, and then whine about not getting his new cars. We're back to diapers after he held his poop all day and then pooped in the tub. I also have a five month old with a stomach virus right now...between the two boys, I've been changing about 15 diapers a day for the last week. I'm so tired of it!!!
Supermom said…
Omgoodness!! Will we ever make it??
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have enjoyed browsing your blog (came here through MrsFurious' blog)!

We are also potty training our 3 3/4-year old, LOL (he's *finally* ready--we tried in early June, but he would cry when I tried to get him to go on the toilet, etc.). I bought the Elmo Potty DVD and after watching it numerous times, he started *talking about* using the potty. We are letting him run around naked while we are home and it's working very well! He tells us he needs to go and we run to the bathroom. It has happened almost OVERNIGHT--amazing how easy it is when they are ready!

Good luck, and nice to "meet" you!