Organic Foods We Eat

1- Milk
We love whole milk. My HB uses Almond Milk.

2- Eggs

3- Cheese

4- Yogurt
Organic yogurt is the best! I get the kind with cream on top. Add some granola and fresh blueberries.

5- Strawberries
We wouldn't touch them unless they are organic.

6- Grapes
A tasty treat at our house.

7- Apples
Nothing like an organic apple straight from the fridge.

8- Blueberries
Frozen or Fresh. We love them. Add them to homemade pancakes.

9- Oranges

10- Chicken/Beef Broth
Just as good as making it yourself!!!! PROMISE!!!

11- Tuna

12- Pasta Sauce

13- All fresh and canned Veggies

14- All our meat is organic.

15- Bread

Yes organic costs more but I know the benefits are worth it. My family is worth it.