Oh My!! Someone give me a chill pill please.

Warning!! Sour mood blogging.

I have been tackling the mountain of laundry today. And the vacuuming. And the dusting. All while watching/playing with/refereeing all 4 kids. Ask me if I am stressed.

I transferred the weekend trip photos to Flickr AND tried to type up a blog about the trip. I am sorry I was unable too. I am in a funk and cannot wrap my brain around details. I guess it is from lack of sleep dealing with depression. Anxiety. And I cannot think straight.

Anyone know my name?? Please email it to me along with a few xanax or valium. Thanks a bunch. I will send you that sex book Nerve sent me in return.

I haven't watched Army Wives or Mad Men yet. That's tells you how bummed I am. Ugh!! I just feel like I could cry over anything.

Then I think of my 97 year old great grandfather that fell and fractured his pelvic bone and now has pneumonia! I told them to NOT call me if he passed away while I was gone. I was relieved to get home and know he is still living. Whatever that means... He keeps asking for his wife. Sadly she passed away years ago.

Anyway. I am in bed with Baby M being serenaded by the bugs outside. I will miss them when they are gone. Maybe...


Helene said…
Someone needs to give you a big old hug!!! It's hard when you're feeling so overwhelmed with the typical household responsibilities and trying to entertain the kids. It's a constant juggle, isn't it?? During times like these, I repeat to myself over and over and over "this too shall pass"!