Obsessed/Addicted To:

Which pretty much means the same thing. You say potato, I say potato.....

As you know, I joined Facebook the other day out of curiosity. I am sad to say that I have to add it to my list. The Obsessed/Addicted list. It was bound to happen. I am human after all.

I thought I would share a few of my obsessions and addictions with you. The list is in no certain order. I would hate to embarrass myself trying to put them in order of importance.

  1. My website. ~ http://www.theadventuresofsupermom.com
  3. Double Mint Oreos
  4. MySpace
  5. TWITTER ~ Look me up if you are a tweeter yourself. TheSupermom is my ID.
  6. People.com ~ I like smut as much as the next person.
  7. Doctor Who ~ The ones with Christopher Eccleston the most!
  8. MAD MEN ~ If you haven't watched this yet on AMC, what are you waiting for??? This is an awesome show!!!!!!!
  9. Army Wives ~ I kind of put this on the back burner since I have been watching Mad Men. They come on at the same time on Sundays, sooooo I try to catch it when it reruns.
  10. MY BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ How did I exist without it???? Seriously, I love my Blackberry. I can surf the web. Check email. AND NOW FACEBOOK!!! Plus, update my blog!
  11. Coffee ~ That is self explanatory.
  12. Adding pictures to Flickr. ~ Who knew I would get so much enjoyment from that?
  13. MADONNA ~ If you know me, I don't have to explain this one.
  14. Damien rice ~ DITTO!
  15. My husband who I call HB. He now wants to be known as B1. Let me explain. When we met I called him HBG. Hottie Bike Guy. Bike as in bicycle not motorcycle. Then I shortened it to HB. He knows an HB and doesn't like him sooooo he bugs me to change it. What happened to freedom of speech?? Sooooo, from now on he will be B1 and my son will be B2. Like the banana show. Anyone else remember that show? HA HA
  16. H, B2, Lil O and Baby M ~ DUHHH!!!!!
  17. Pajama Pants ~ The loose pressed cotton kind. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Flip Flops
  19. CLINIQUE!!!!!!! ~ This is how I keep my youthful glow!!!!!!
  20. My perfume. ~ Lauren and Obsession. LOL
  21. Women that BLOG! We ROCK!
  22. Sweet Tea ~ I am from the south and it is such a southern thing.
  23. My Zoloft. ~ Well, technically you cannot get addicted to Zoloft. Since I am dealing with PPD, it helps me. The things we deal with when we have a baby.

Okay, enough of that. I will add more things. Maybe. I would hate to seem like I need an Addiction support group. ~gentle smile~


Ro said…
Hi there... Let's see, I'm addicted to:
1. Kissing my baby girl. She's delicious.
2. my blog www.babyfriendlyla.com
3. I'm with you on Facebook! (and I never thought I'd say that
4. and now Twitter (BabyFriendlyLA)
5. buying baby clothes and shoes
6. taking pictures of my little one
7. Barenaked yogurt. Mmmmmm :)
Supermom said…
Oh GREAT!!! I have to add more since you posted yours! lol

24. Kissing all the kids. I have them on there as H, B, Lil O and Baby M but I wasn't sure if anyone caught that.

25. Wearing my baby.

26. Holding my baby.

27. Sleeping with my baby.
Jennifer Saylor said…
1. My blog.
2. Other people's blogs.
3. Twitter.
4. Soy milk.
5. Faerie Made lip balm.
6. Netflix.
7. Surfing the internet.
Jen said…
I'm new to blogging and boy is it addicting!! I didn't realize how much I enjoyed writing! It doesn't help that I have OCD tendencies. Just one more thing for me to obsess about! Oh well, at least I'm having fun doing it!

Other addictions:
-Kissing my little ones on the side of their forheads
-Just being plain old silly
-Cereal before bed
-Books- Christian or parenting books

That's it for now!!

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