Hi my name is Michelle and I don't know what birth control is.

Hello there. We just got back in from a quick weekend getaway. We took the four kids + 1 niece to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was definitely an adventure.

Saturday we went to Discovery Place. The plan was for HB, H and B2 to watch the new Batman movie in the IMAX and I would take Lil O, Baby M and my niece to the museum to look around and enjoy. I love a museum. Good idea I thought. Well, I was wrong. THANK GOD they had this HUGE play area for them to play in. It was like walking into Toys R Us with every toy you can imagine to play with. Even a water part. The bad thing is that the play area is right when you ENTER the museum. I wonder how many children actually make it to the museum after entering the play area???? I doubt many.

In fact I had to pick Lil O up and carry her out to SEE the museum. UGH, she kept running off and crying for the play area. It was very frustrating!!!!!!! I ended up taking them back to the play area so they would HUSH. We sat there for an hour then I dragged them out for lunch. Then took them back to play for another hour. By this time the movie was over and we met up with everyone else. I get all annoyed again trying to remember details to type them up. ha ha

Charlotte Discovery Dino

All in all the Discovery Place was a really exciting place to visit. I would recommend it to everyone. It is the only place you can see two rats play basketball I bet. I know what the catch is though. Both rats look exactly the same so you really don't know which rat belongs to your team and both rats can shoot at either goal. Pretty sneaky of them. Sadly, the kids didn't catch on to their trickery. ha ha

Charlotte Discovery Rat Basketball

The title of my blog is based on how MANY looks I got over the weekend with 5 kids tagging along behind me. A 14 year old, 10 year old, 7 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month old. I had told a few friends that I was going to claim all 5 of them and say I was pregnant with twins. But, I was just tooo freaking tired to care. I felt like saying, "What haven't you seen kids before?". Anyway...

Charlotte was HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!
We headed to the Marriott to check in and swim in the pool. Ahhh, sitting by the pool. Watching the kids play. While I surfed the Internet on my Blackberry. We pretty much stayed there until bedtime. Minus HB and H going to get Thai takeout and ordering room service for a few things. I really love staying at Marriott's. Down pillows and comforters. Ahh, just like home. Enough about them because this isn't a commercial.

Sunday morning after a nice breakfast at the hotel we head to Carowinds. I'd like to shout out a THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies at the restaurant. They took wonderful care of us. I had to correct them too about the 5 kids with me.

Charlotte Carowinds

This is my niece standing on the North Carolina/South Carolina line. I have always thought that a neat fact about the park. Of course, we headed to the left side which led us to a Nickelodeon Themed area. EVERYTHING ON NICK WAS ON THIS SIDE. We even saw god-parents walking around!!!!!! I thought Wanda and Cosmo were cute! Lil O wouldn't even get near them. She has this thing with people dressed in costumes. I don't think she will like Halloween either. I could be wrong though. I doubt it. It's just a hunch.

The kids enjoyed all the rides. They weren't bothered by the hot sweaty weather. They didn't even notice all the people walking around in bathing suits that shouldn't be. ~innocent smile~

Charlotte Carowinds

That's me and Lil O on the carousel. Don't we look cute? She is doing the wave!!! Practicing for when she is in a parade and will use it. Smile. Wave. Smile. Wave. Lil O loves a carousel! We rode it twice. I hate to admit but I love to ride them as much as she does!

Charlotte Carowinds

I was impressed that she got on the swings!!!!!! You could hear her squeal in delight over the music!!! That's my girl!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

H and Lil O with Jimmy! Ha Ha!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

ALL the kids loved this coaster!

Charlotte Carowinds

The look on their faces explains it ALL!!!! AWESOME!!! To enjoy something soooo much!

Charlotte Carowinds

H and B2 were such good sports. They helped out with the two smaller girls so much!! Which meant they had to ride rides they really wouldn't be caught dead on! See how happy they are in the boats? HA HA! I think they want to disappear! Thanks you two! Cause my fat butt wouldn't fit in the boat!

Charlotte Carowinds

I see a pilots license in the furture. Maybe she will become an astronaut! COOLNESS!!

Charlotte Carowinds

Awww. They are with Velma posing for a picture. It was called the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion I believe. This was the only ride Lil O cried on because it scared her! Riding the above coaster didn't but seeing monsters did. :(

Charlotte Carowinds

Yes, they have a LOST KIDS place! I didn't have to go here ONCE during our stay! I was surprised by this! I thought for sure I would lose at least one child.

Charlotte Carowinds

Baby M was perfect the whole time. See how she is chilling with her foot propped up? She was able to ride one ride. You ready to hear which one? She road the train for a DORA ADVENTURE!!! We caught stars and ran off Swiper!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

She got her first taste of water!!!! I wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated since it was so freaking hot there!

At one point we saw Goth kids walking around. I thought that interesting. I find it hard to imagine one of them saying, "Hey guys, lets go to Carowinds today!". Don't you?

I want to warn you if you are planning a trip to Carowinds and this will be your first visit! There is one ride in particular. Upon entering you will see a sign that reads, "YOU WILL GET WET". Let me just say that B2 and Niece H were soaked even before they rode the ride!!!! Water would just dump on people as they wait in line!!!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

See how happy they look!!!!

Charlotte Carowinds


Charlotte Carowinds

**I am proud to say that NO ONE got sunburned!!!!!!! I think I deserve a medal for this one. Going to an amusement park in August with 5 kids and no one got burned!!!!! They were greased down several times. Wore hats and sunglasses!

After 5+ hours I was sooooo over Carowinds. The heat! The crowds! People wearing bathing suits that shouldn't be! I was dripping with sweat!!!! I was tired! I was thirsty! I was ready to come home!

Everyone had a great time and that made me happy. I hate that I missed the new Batman movie at the IMAX. I'll have to watch it when it comes to the APC. I also hated that I missed the Museum. One day I can go without kids. Hmmm. Would I look odd walking around a kids museum without kids?? Who cares? Not me! I was just glad to get the hell out of Charlotte and back to my house and MY BED! With only my 4 kids! :)


Jennifer Saylor said…
What a great entry! The title made me laugh. (You said it, not me... :0) I sort of get the same thing for having 4 cats, and fostering cats which can bring me up to 5...)

Let me know if Dark Knight really comes to APC -- love to tag along.
Supermom said…
Thanks Jennifer!!

We will deff got to see it at APC! I'll keep my eyes out for when it shows there!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying summer!!

Mary said…
Sounds like a great day. Scared me a bit with the title there. I hear what you're saying - ever go anywhere ALONE with the kids, like out to eat? I get lots of looks then too. People.
Helene said…
After reading the title of this post, I knew exactly where it was going...such is my life too! And the famous question "are they ALL yours?" as if I've overpopulated the planet with my 4 kids or something. It's Michele Duggar they need to harass, not me!

Glad you all had a great time...the pics of the kids are wonderful..they look SO happy!!!
Supermom said…

Well said! Go bother the Duggars. Who are pregnant again BTW!!! I cannot wait for the tell all book to come out later by one of the older children. ha ha

The trip was fun. HOT but fun! Yeah the kids seem to enjoy themselves!

Have a lovely week.
Katie said…
We went to Carowinds also on July 24th. I have a fabulous picture of Adam on the Backyardigan swings with his hands in the air... LoL
One of these days I'll get around to uploaing the pics to MS then I can show off how much Adam & Julie LOVED meeting SpongeBob, & Diego & Blue etc... I think that was thier favorite part. The kids (mine and the extras with us) contstantly asked "Which state are we in now?" LoL

If you have all have overpopulated the planet with your 4 kids... and I have 5... what does that make me?