Fun Friday!

Hello. I wanted to post something FUN today!!!

B2 had to do this for school last night. It was fun! I was in here playing with it and YELLING when I beat the clock. It took me a few times! Take the USA challenge and tell me how long it took you to pass. The clock starts as soon as you load the page!!!


Map Test


Hello Supermom...
I met someone at the library today who follows your blog and I think is maybe your friend. I mentioned to her that I am a massage therapist and I am training to be a doula. The training that I am doing is an at home study course that fulfills my continuing education requirements for my national certification for massage therapy. I am looking for a real live person to be my mentor as I need to attend 3 live births soon so I can complete my certification. I would love to form a relationship with someone with experience so I can get some pointers and/or I would like to find someone who would be interested in letting me assist them at one or more births. In return I could offer you excellent massage therapy, and I know anyone with 4 kids DEFINITELY needs a massage. Do you think maybe you might be interested? or maybe you know another doula who would be. Or maybe not. Whatever works for you :) Thanks, Bethany