Did I actually say that? A topic for Tuesday.

Things that I thought I would never ever say:

  • "Your sister isn't a dog. Stop telling her to fetch."
  • "Did you stick a pollypocket toy up your nose?"
  • "Did you pee in my plant?"
  • "Why are you peeing in the shower?"
  • "Does he have to wear his pants to his freaking knees?"
  • "Could those jeans be any tighter on you? GO CHANGE!"
  • "Are you wearing mascara?"
  • "Did you write on the couch?"
  • UPDATE!! Why did you put your hand in your diaper?
  • UPDATE!! Who rubbed a booger on the couch?

Things I never thought would be said to me:

  • "Good Job!!! I am going to take you to Fun Depot." (My three year old was happy that I used to potty. ha ha)

This list will be added to during the day and possibly the week. When I remember all the crazy things said in this house and out of it.


amakice said…
I'm continually amazed at the things that come out of my mouth- a few:

"kids- guns are OUTSIDE toys." and "honey, the dog's penis is private."
Helene said…
OMG, that post made me laugh!!! Isn't it so true...the things you never thought you'd say?! Or the things I never thought I'd hear, like the day Bella asked me, "Mommy, why do rabbits eat their own poop?"