Damn those polly pockets!!!!!

Lil O stuck one of their "accessories" up her nose!!!!! What is the fascination of putting things in the mouth or the nose. Perhaps maybe even the ears. UGH!! She sneezed the small piece out thank GOD. I would hate to visit the ER TWO times this week.

I have a question for you? How often do you google people you once knew wondering what they are up too??? I do it often. I joined MySpace to keep in touch with people I knew in high school. Even though I am not that person from high school it is nice to reconnect with people from back in the day of 80's hair and clothes. HA HA Oh and let's not forget 80's MUSIC!!!!!!!

So, my point, I joined Facebook last night. The suspense was killing me!!!! So, I had to copy & paste a generic profile about myself and start browsing around. So far I am digging it. It is a different crowd than MySpace. ~said in a loving way, of course~
I even reconnected with someone I went to the prom with. I think I still have some baby pictures of him around here somewhere. Now I can give them back to him!!! :)

If you have a Facebook profile or even MySpace and want to be BFF, just link me and we can do that.

I am off to check on the kiddos and make lunch. Hmm, wondering how I can invent something to keep kids from sticking things up their noses. Including FINGERS!


Helene said…
I wonder too why kids put things up their noses? It must be a weird fascination with all kids.

I could never get into MySpace but I do like Facebook!
carrie said…
OMG, Katie stuck a little, tiny hair clippie up her nose (I think she was 2) and it got stuck! She was THIS CLOSE to having surgery but thankfully the er doc got it out . . . barely.

She still remembers getting a red and a green lollipop for the trip to the er. I still remember nearly having a heart attack from the trip to the er!