Back To School HUH?

Today I am sad. My adorable darling baby H started HIGH SCHOOL TODAY!!! ~~sobbing~~

What worries me the most is the older BOYS. You know the UPPER CLASS MAN. They are going to see my baby and drool.

Does this mean our phone will never stop ringing??? Wonder if it's too late to put her in an all girls school? KIDDING!!!


H is feeling much better. Yesterday I even let her leave the house. I took them school shopping at the mall. It was fun! They all got some neat things. Even if my husband may think I spent too much money. I won't have to buy B2 any clothes for the next year or so. Except a jacket and another pair of shoes later on. lol With H it is different. You have to have a huge assortment of clothes. Especially since you are in high school. DUH!!!! Honestly, after Monday, what H wanted H was able to get. She deserves it.

It looks like fall here. I noticed it yesterday when we were out. Coming down the road we live on just screamed FALL!!!! I like it! Fall is one of my favorite times.

I miss my kids. School just starts too soon! It seems like they just got out for summer break. They both were excited. H was nervous and B2 couldn't wait to see his friends. Lil O misses them too. This morning she got up and went to wake them up like she has been doing. And they were gone. :( I told her we'd go pick them up a little bit later.

Anyone else watching the Olympics? The opening ceremony was the most amazing thing and I really don't think anyone can top it ever! You agree?

Okay. Must get up. I am actually going to get up and do a few things.

**I added a new label to my blog. "Fluffers" Since I have been busy I scheduled a bunch of things to post lately ahead of time. I am sure you can tell which ones they are. I thought it only fair to given them their own label. Fluffers suits them, since it prepares you for my regular blogging. ha ha