August 2008

Bouncie Bouncie

Baby Einstein Baby


Sleeping Baby

Drool Baby Drool. Getting 2 teeth.

Drooling Baby

These boots belonged to B2 and I kept them....Guess who likes them now?
Day 1.
Day 1 with boots

Day 2.

Day 2 with boots

Beautiful Baby M had her 4 month check up. 14 lbs. 6 oz. She stayed in the wrap most of the day due to shots.

Beautiful Baby M

Beautiful Baby M

I love my baby sister....for this picture anyway.

I love my baby sister

Chunky Monkey.

Chunky Monkey

I am a very happy baby.

Happy Baby

Blowing Bubbles to pass the time.

Blowing Bubbles


ro said…
Such a beautiful family! My favorite pictures is the one of her sleeping on her side. Too cute!!
Mary said…
Love the pics. They are all adorable. Your little girl's cowbow boots are the best - my girly girl would be jealous!
Helene said…
Beautiful pics!! I just wanna pinch the baby!!! Love the pic of your daughter with the cowboy boots on! Bella has a thing for boots too and goes nuts anytime she sees some. She just saw some Hello Kitty rain boots at Target and made me promise to add it to her Christmas list!
Caroline said…
Your kids are absolutely adorable! I've stopped by your blog a few times now. Shoot, you love Madonna? I am SO coming back. ;) Nice to "meet" you.
Monkey's Momma said…
Chunky Baby. I wanna pinch some baby legs!!