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Who was at the library today?

Fun Friday!

Free Range Kids Part 2

To All The Great Mom Bloggers

Free Range Kids???? I keep seeing chickens running around when I hear that.

Slow Down, Sit Back, Relax

That made my morning.

SOOO hot that it will burn you!!!!

Obsessed/Addicted To:

August 2008

Did I actually say that? A topic for Tuesday.

Monday Madness

Damn those polly pockets!!!!!

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Back To School HUH?

I HEART magnets.

Organic Foods We Eat

Yesterday was one of the WORST days of my life.

YOU can live without these 10 kitchen items!

A quick update about H

i am a nervous wreck...

Hanes Underwear Can Promise Wedgie Free Panties?

Dooney & Bourke must read my blog or...

Somethings in life are just a bitch.

Feelings, we all have them.

I HEART Tammy!!!!!

Potty Training Idea. I hope it works.

I just like to say SALSA!!!!!!!

Lets Share A Recipe!!!!

Did you submit your blog yet???

Hi my name is Michelle and I don't know what birth control is.

Oh My!! Someone give me a chill pill please.

On the road again...