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Free Range Kids Part 2

I'd like to thank everyone that responded to the subject yesterday. I am going to post the your comments and then respond to each one.

Jennifer J said...

Kids have to have freedom, yes, but the world is a lot different than when we were kids! I am 33 and we could go out and play in the neighborhood until the street lights came on and nobody bothered us. These days you let your kids go out and they may not come back.

There are so many loons and killers out there that free range childhood is a bit impractical.

Plus, our neighborhoods are so disconnected these days. Every body's mom looked after everybody else's kids. We could all play from house to house and be safe. It's just not that way anymore. So I agree with you.

I totally understand and agree with you Jennifer. I am 34 and remember running around like it was yesterday. Things have changed no matter what anyone else says. Maybe the news has made us more aware. I see that as a good thing.

Mary said...

I'm a very middle of the road person and can see things both ways. I am extremely cautious with my kids and sometimes wonder if I'm a bit too overprotective. I do remember spending countless hours playing with friends until dark, and I will let my kids go out to play. But only in the front yard and right in front of our home. It's kind of sad that it has to be this way, but it also provides opportunity for parent-child interaction that we may not have had so much as children.

Mary, I bet you aren't too overprotective. We want what is best for of children. What could be wrong with that?

Katie said...
I grew up in 2 towns (divorced parents) and one was a city... I took the public bus to the mall when I was 11 with my friends... we walked all over town... went to the playground until the streetlights came one then had to be home within "5 minutes of the time the light comes on"... in the town my Dad lived in we walked all over the neighborhood... spent hours riding our bikes to the store that was 2 miles away.... I live in that town now with my children... its a Town... pretty small... our biggest nod towards development, is a McDonald's.

Although I wouldn't allow a 9 year old to take a subway alone... I do allow my older kids (12,14, & 16) to basically go anywhere in town... as long as I know where they are going... they need to call me to let me know they arrived, if they leave that area, to go elsewhere, they are required to call me and inform me of any changes. I have spies everywhere... and I am a spy too... everyone knows everyone elses kids... so if I mention I saw Kayla walking down High Street... and her mom thought she was on Spring Street... Oopsie.

My 6 and 3 year old are allowed to play in the yard... they have gone for walks across the street around the cranberry bogs(we have a nature reserve across the street) with the older kids... but I think they still have several years ahead of them before they get to take off to a friend's house on their own. I know that at 8 years old I would cross a main road to walk 1/4 of a mile to a playground... but I think I'll wait until my kids are at least 10 before they can go anywhere (within the neighborhood) without me walking them there.

Our bus stop is right in front of our house... so I'm going be lenient and let them wait at the bus stop alone ... (besides... I can see them out the window)

Katie, it is really great that you have that community awareness with other adults looking after these kids. I live in a bigger town where you really do not know your neighbors. Also, we live in a tourist town, which means lots of different people that aren't from around here browsing around. xoxox

Dr. Engine said...
Your reaction to the article and FRK underlies the entire point of the article and FRK. You're pulling out anecdotal evidence of a few kids abducted and killed, ignoring the MILLIONS of children who wandered the streets that day and arrived home safely.

Having said that, I think there's a balance that needs to be struck. I would have tailed my 9-year-old the first few times just to make sure he could get home and didn't get spooked. But otherwise I applaud that woman's efforts to raise an independent, confident person who's not bogged by fears they read or see on news reports.

I'm 33, and was raised by a very fearful mother, who saw kidnappers in every white van that rode down the street. It made me fearful, and not only of kidnappers, but of the world in general. That fearfulness, I believe, has hindered me from experiencing some of the opportunities I might have otherwise seized upon, such as the opportunity to study journalism in Prague when I was 18.

I think we need to expect more of our children, and they'll rise to the challenge.

Yes, I know we never hear about the millions that make it home every day. I as a parent worry about so much as it is with my children. My daughter started high school a few weeks ago. There are things I cannot control with that however, I am able to make sure they aren't roaming the streets unsupervised. It really depends on each individual child. There is a middle in this. I agree it comes with your child getting older and being able to make wise decisions.

Janine said...
I live in South Africa, which I think in terms of risks is fairly similar to New York. I would NEVER let my almost-9 year old go alone on a train or a bus. He's not even allowed to walk to the corner shop alone. Just too many what-ifs.

I agree. I am afraid I tend to think about "what-ifs" too many times.

Katie Mae said...
I started writing my comment but it got to be book-length and I wasn't even half-way done!

I'm gonna take your topic and post a blog on it myself :) It's interesting stuff!

I am very pro-free-kid-range LOL! I feel it helps children in lots of ways, such as being independent, stronger decision makers and helps them with creative thinking/playing.

The safety aspect is what REALLY turns me more toward free-range! The chances of something bad happening to my children while they walk to the store 7 blocks away are as great as someone breaking into my home in the middle of the night and taking/harming them. Being free-range has made them much more aware of their surroundings and they have taken in the precautions to take... ie. look both ways before crossing the street, Stranger Danger techniques, stay hydrated, know our name and number in case of an emergency bla bla bla.

WKRP, I left you a comment yesterday basically saying my kids are able to make decisions for themselves and they are very independent. They just aren't out walking on the streets alone. xoxox

Jaime said...
Unfortunately we no longer live in a world where it is safe to allow kids to just be kids while roaming free. There are too many whack jobs out there.

I totally agree with you.

Thank you for the comment. I AGREE WITH YOU as well. :)

Kelby said...
I'm sorry, but I used to be a police reporter. I've written about even older kids, kids who should be smarter, getting abducted, raped and killed. Frankly, we are all lucky we made it when I think about just how free range we were... You shouldn't hover over your children constantly. They do need to learn some degree of independence and self-confidence. You ARE, however, responsible for their safety and well-being. In this day and age, letting a child roam free is flat-out irresponsible and dangerous.

Kelby, I want to repeat something you said above because this is how I exactly feel. You ARE, however, responsible for their safety and well-being. In this day and age, letting a child roam free is flat-out irresponsible and dangerous.

Shari said...
At 36, I am also old enough to remember "going out to play" myself, walking around the neighborhood, visiting friends and playing, sometimes close to a mile away from home. There was no such thing as a "play date". In hind sight, the care free days of childhood blinded me to all the "what ifs" mentioned before. In hind sight, my parents had NO IDEA where I actually was at times. As someone who is about to become a parent for the first time now, I am horrified by that thought. Yes, a middle of the road needs to be reached, and yes, it depends on the individual child, but what it boils down to is: this is a different world than it was 25 or 30 years ago. It is a much scarier place, and that is sad.

That's my 2Cents - Shari

Thank you Shari!!! I am glad you posted your 2cents.

cj said...
I think it was last week when I had seen this story on the Penn & Teller's Bull&hit show. I have to admit that I was in the "are you kidding me?" crowd. Free Range Kids are way out on the crazy limb of the spectrum for me. On the other hand, I can also see some of the "stranger danger" stuff being equally as crazy on the far end of the spectrum. What works for one family won't work for another..... like the woman across the street from me who leaves her 2 year old in the house while she walks 3 blocks to the bus stop with her two other kids. For me - somewhere in the middle of the spectrum makes sense to me.

CJ, I agree with you. What may be good for family may not be for another. We have to find a happy medium as they say. Thank you for the comment. BTW, I'd never leave a 2 year old to walk 3 freaking blocks. That says STUPIDITY all over it!!!!!

Tina Williams said...
Ok...I have four daughters and the only thing free range in my world will be some eggs and occasionally some chicken! I a 44 and both a New Mom and an Old Mom with my girls being 2,11,12 and 13. I absolutely remember the days that our parents sent us out a first light, put out some PB&J and Koolaide for lunch and didn't see us again till the street lights went out.

We do not live in that world!

My kids do have freedom to a point. One thing we have taught them that I don't think we were so aware of is to be aware of our surroundings.

My older girls have taken basic self defense classes. They also have been taught to trust their instincts. If someone or something doesn't feel right get away.

I agree with you 150%. Having been heavily involved in Girl Scouts, my church, my school and several sports as a volunteer leader or coach I can't tell you how many parents live by this "free range" philosophy out of sheer laziness!

Bottom line you don't get a second chance with your child...protect them without smothering them.

Teach them to be safe themselves.

Great post!

Tina, thank you for your comment. I also agree kids have to have freedom to a CERTAIN point!!!! There is no second chance.

Monkey's Momma said...
I am 39. When I was a kid, it was nothing to spend all day long playing outside with my friends. We lived in a small rural area. We biked, skateboarded, built forts, etc.

Not to shock you, but outside was safer for me than inside because my step-dad was a pedophile. I wanted my friends as far away from him as possible (and myself too).

Now, the outside world is unsafe too. My five year old son will NEVER be free range. I live about 30 miles from where Shawn Hornbeck, the Missouri Miracle, was abducted (Google it). I have seen what his parents have been through, and I would not wish that on anyone. He was a free range kid because his parents were trusting, as all the other parents in their community were.

We must remember: Child molesters are everywhere. You probably know one. You just don't know it. It is our job to protect our children. It only takes one incident to change our child's life forever.

First, let me give you a great big hug. ((((((MM))))))) Thank you for opening up and commenting on something you know all about. I remember when that young man was found. It broke my heart. I would hate for my child's innocence to be taken away, when I could have helped prevent it.

Dr. Engine said...

And as a spin-off to this conversation, my wife and I were discussing the double-standard that we both embraced when we talked about this blog. I would tail my 9-year-old boy on the subway (and I live in NYC, by the way, it's not that dangerous). But I probably wouldn't let my daughter ride the subway alone until she was 13 or so. For the record, I have no children. But do you find that double standard as well...letting your boys do things you'd never let your girls? Curious about that.

There is a double standard with sons and daughters, I am sure. My son is 10 and I still won't let him do certain things. Let him be a child for as long as he can because once he becomes an adult, he can never go back to playing and being a child. Thank you for bringing that up.

Anonymous said...
Our family is suffering while I type, as a result of "free range kid" parenting. The truth is...all children are different.

Here are my truths.

1)all children are different. We have leaders followers, hyper, docile. Each personality impacting AND taking impact from their world differently. Our oldest son, when he was 14(of course never 9!) could make good decisions even above maturity level for his age. He's a big guy and walked confident. He's a true leader and much less likely to become an abductee or be solicited by a harmful person. Our 2nd son...well...just put him in a room with other kids, and no matter what they're doing,good or bad, if it looks fun or generates excitement he's gonna get involved on some level. Both kids raised with the same standards and values(set high by the way)

2)You can deny it if you want, but it IS a different world than 25 yrs ago. Yet 25 yrs ago, even in my neighborhood a little girl was abducted on her way home from school. I will never forget the pastor of our church crying and telling all of us that they found Melonie's little body. Melenie was raped and killed. Hollywood, Florida.33023. Look it up. Adam Walsh was also from Hollywood, Florida. Same zip code. Look it up... and yes...when I was 9 years old on pembroke road, walking back from Pic'n'Pay grocery, a man pulled over and grabbed my arm trying to force me in the car with him. Thank GOD IN HEAVEN another man saw and stopped his car and confronted the "would be abductor" who jumped in his car and sped off. So there you have 3 incidences in one neighborhood. Please don't minimize what has happened to these children by putting them into a statistic and don't set the value of protecting today's child according to statistics. Set the value according to your love for them. Every child of all age deserves age appropriate supervision and protection. Every parent owes it to their child to become educated on what is the safest and wisest way to protect their child. What are the real dangers? Have you looked at the National list of registered Pedophiles to see how many live near you? I'll bet you'll find at least 2 between most of your homes and children's schools. I would be interested in hearing all the damage that parents caused their children once grown because of the protection and supervision they gave. Not including the cop-out excuses of blaming their parents for their college drug days and wild oat sewing because their parents were too strict. Just about everyone goes thru the wild "I'm finally free" stage no matter how they were raised.

3)Finally, Why in today's society does everything have to be extreme one way or the other? After reading "Free Range Kids" I was shocked at the insulting tone that was directed at parents who love and protect their children. When you understand the value of something you want to protect it and keep it safe. Children are a valuable treasure. Boundaries are not always comfortable, but they keep us ALL safe every day. Those boundaries are a reminder that our life is valuable and important. I'd rather send THAT message to my child while they are young. The "I trust You message" comes as they EARN and GAIN the trust. Their learning Independence comes with the territory a little at a time. Since when does a bird push a chick out of the nest before the feathers are grown? Since when does a bird hold and not allow a maturing chick to spread it's wings. You see? There doesn't have to be extremes. Since I mentioned "messages" we send to our children. Parental involvement at all ages sends a wonderful message to kids. They will definitely let you know when it's too much and when it's time to reevaluate the level of involvement and in which activities it is necessary. Here is where I notice parents making some of the biggest mistakes. There kids become adolescents and want freedom and are not afraid to challenge, manipulate, and fight for that freedom. Mysteriously suddenly, the "parent first, friend second" role becomes revered and parents become afraid to say "no" because they may have to accept a challenge, or actually explain , "I do trust you and you will continue to have many opportunities to be trusted, but I am the parent/adult and I possess grown up judgement. No. You can not spend the night over your boyfriends house who I found out smokes marijuana and I haven't even met his parents."

It is acceptable to protect, loosen leashes, permit flying solo etc. All in due time.
Just make sure you really know the challenges that could face your young one, that you have equipted them to face the challenge, and finally that they personally are able and skilled enough to take the challenge. Not all are.

"Free Range"
comparing our children to animals for slaughter. Hmmmm.

Thank you so much for commenting on the subject!!! I hope that all my readers take the time to read your post! It was awesome and very honest.

I think we should let our kids be kids for as long as they can. They eventually become adults and will have all sorts of responsibilities. Let them play and have fun. There is a happy medium, as we have mentioned before.

Anonymous said...


this link says it all

Wow, never knew this existed. Thank you for sharing. Pretty scary when you take a look.

Brenda Jean said...
I grew up in the country on a farm, my husband grew up in the inner city. I wasn't allowed to "free range" except on our own property. My husband pretty much was allowed to roam with his brother and cousins. We both think this "free range" kids thing is full of crap. He looks back and thinks "Man, that was stupid." and he wanted a different life for our kids. We have friends and relatives who think we are overprotective at times. So what? All it takes is ONE incident, ONE second and ONE accident to change your family forever. I think we can be protective but still allow freedom, imagination and growth within safe boundaries.

Brenda, thank you for your comment. I am going to repeat something you said because it is RIGHT ON!!!

All it takes is ONE incident, ONE second and ONE accident to change your family forever. I think we can be protective but still allow freedom, imagination and growth within safe boundaries.

The main point we have as parents is to protect our children. Teach them and help them grow. Being a little strict is needed to have a strong foundation.
Thanks to everyone that left a comment. I look forward to hearing from you all again.

To All The Great Mom Bloggers

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Free Range Kids???? I keep seeing chickens running around when I hear that.

The great debate started at our house yesterday. It was interesting. My husband sent me this article.
Overbearing parents have taken the fun out of childhood and turned it into a grind.
Rosa Brooks
May 15, 2008
Can you forgive her?

In March, Lenore Skenazy, a New York City mother, gave her 9-year-old son, Izzy, a MetroCard, a subway map, a $20 bill and some quarters for pay phones. Then she let him make his own way home from Bloomingdale's department store -- by subway and bus.

Izzy survived unscathed. He wasn't abducted by a perverted stranger or pushed under an oncoming train by a homicidal maniac. He didn't even get lost. According to Skenazy who wrote about it in a New York Sun column, he arrived home "ecstatic with independence."

His mother wasn't so lucky. Her column generated as much outrage as if she'd suggested that mothers make extra cash by hiring their kids out as child prostitutes.

But it also reinvigorated an important debate about children, safety and independence.

Reader, if you're much over 30, you probably remember what it used to be like for the typical American kid. Remember how there used to be this thing called "going out to play"?

For younger readers, I'll explain this archaic concept. It worked like this: The child or children in the house -- as long as they were over age 4 or so -- went to the door, opened it, and ... went outside. They braved the neighborhood pedophile just waiting to pounce, the rusty nails just waiting to be stepped on, the trees just waiting to be fallen out of, and they "played."

"Play," incidentally, is a mysterious activity children engage in when not compelled to spend every hour under adult supervision, taking soccer or piano lessons or practicing vocabulary words with computerized flashcards.

All in all, "going out to play" worked out well for kids. As the American Academy of Pediatrics' Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg testified to Congress in 2006, "Play allows children to create and explore a world they can master, conquering their fears while practicing adult roles. ... Play helps children develop new competencies ... and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges." But here's the catch: Those benefits aren't realized when some helpful adult is hovering over kids the whole time.

Thirty years ago, the "going out to play" culture coexisted with other culturally sanctioned forms of independence for even very young children: Kids as young as 6 used to walk to school on their own, for instance, or take public buses or -- gulp -- subways. And if they lived on a school bus route, their mommies did not consider it necessary to escort them to the bus stop every morning and wait there with them.

But today, for most middle-class American children, "going out to play" has gone the way of the dodo, the typewriter and the eight-track tape. From 1981 to 1997, for instance, University of Michigan time-use studies show that 3- to 5-year-olds lost an average of 501 minutes of unstructured playtime each week; 6- to 8-year-olds lost an average of 228 minutes. (On the other hand, kids now do more organized activities and have more homework, the lucky devils!) And forget about walking to school alone. Today's kids don't walk much at all (adding to the childhood obesity problem).

Increasingly, American children are in a lose-lose situation. They're forced, prematurely, to do all the un-fun kinds of things adults do (Be over-scheduled! Have no downtime! Study! Work!). But they don't get any of the privileges of adult life: autonomy, the ability to make their own choices, use their own judgment, maybe even get interestingly lost now and then.

Somehow, we've managed to turn childhood into a long, hard slog. Is it any wonder our kids take their pleasures where they can find them, by escaping to "Grand Theft Auto IV" or the alluring, parent-free world of MySpace?

But, but, but, you say, all the same, Skenazy should never have let her 9-year-old son take the subway! In New York, for God's sake! A cesspit of crack addicts, muggers and pedophiles!

Well, no. We parents have sold ourselves a bill of goods when it comes to child safety. Forget the television fear-mongering: Your child stands about the same chance of being struck by lightning as of being the victim of what the Department of Justice calls a "stereotypical kidnapping." And unless you live in Baghdad, your child stands a much, much greater chance of being killed in a car accident than of being seriously harmed while wandering unsupervised around your neighborhood.

Skenazy responded to the firestorm generated by her column by starting a new website -- freerangekids.wordpress.com -- dedicated to giving "our kids the freedom we had." She explains: "We believe in safe kids. ... We do NOT believe that every time school-age children go outside, they need a security detail."

Next time I take my kids to New York, I'm asking Skenazy to baby-sit.

Okay. I have a BIG HUGE problem with this. Yes, when I was a kid I roamed the neighborhood. If you count cow pastures and the creek as a neighborhood. My parents both worked so I was a latch key kid anyway. I had no fears. We would even hang up a sheet outside and sleep under it in the yard. Maybe my mom and step dad were being irresponsible for letting some of this happen. I don't think so.

Now fast forward to 2008. I would never ever ever ever let my kids roam the neighborhood ALONE. And I live in a nice expensive neighborhood too. I wouldn't let my YOUNGER kids play outside alone. I would never let my kids ride their bike to the library or grocery store ALONE. Or get on public transportation ALONE!!! Does this make me a bad parent? Certainly NOT. I care about my children and want them safe. Does fear make me this way? Of course it does. Is that bad? No, it isn't.

Then my husband sent me the link to the blog. Free Range Kids

~Not to be confused with free range eggs. I keep seeing chickens running around.~

I read it and sent him an email saying that I thought it was FOS!!!!!! Was I wrong? No. Was he wrong to agree with the article and blog? No, he wasn't. We see things differently about this. Yes, he roamed the neighborhood when he was a child. So did I. We do have that in common.

He then mentioned "faith". To which I said, "I am sure the parents that let their kids out to play had faith as well. The ones that had their child taken, raped and killed." I wasn't being mean. I am stating facts. We see on the news that a child is missing. Found dead. Abducted. Raped. DO I need to go on???

Just over the summer a NEIGHBOR kid raped and killed a young neighbor girl and hid her in a closet. (Not my neighborhood, I remember seeing it on the news.) He was a kid himself. He even helped "look" for her. It broke my heart to hear this on the news when it happened.

Then years ago, what about the girl who was walking home from a friends. Abducted, raped and killed. It happened as she was walking by a car wash. It was even caught on camera. Him walking up to her. And that was it.

Do you think her family asks God everyday "why?"?

SO, I may be a little harsh but I think this "free range kids" if full of shit. Excuse my language.

Will my kids be screwed up because I, as a parent, kept my eye on them? No, they won't.

I'd love to hear from my readers on this subject. Please comment. Anyone can comment on my page. You don't have to be a member to leave one. I look forward to hearing your opinion on this.

Slow Down, Sit Back, Relax

If it was only that easy. Right? I have been crazy busy, like forget to brush your teeth and put on deodorant busy. HA HA! Well, not that busy because I did brush my pearly whites and put on deodorant.

Friday, I made myself get out of my comfort zone. Which was a good thing for me to do. We had a lovely couple move in next door couple years back. They are a bit younger than me. Not that I am old or anything. I look fabulous to be in my EARLY 30's and have 4 children. ~insert amused smile here~ Anyway... We met at a local play place for kids. We let Lil O and their daughter play for a bit. I was able to enjoy adult conversation and enjoy being out of the house. My sister once told me that I wasn't approachable. So, sometimes that sticks with me. I am not a snob by any means. I am just quiet. Letting my neighbors into my world was a big step for me. I hope we are able to get together more and hang out if they'd like. Perhaps they didn't enjoy my company as much as I did theirs. HA HA!

If you live in Asheville or visit Asheville, you must visit the Grove Arcade. It is one of my favorite places to go. I had some extra time after having lunch with B1 at Early Girl before the play date. I went to the "grandmother shop" in the Grove Arcade. The name is Heaven something or other. I always get it all messed up so I just call it a "grandmother shop". I bought a cool nursing shirt and Lil O some socks. It looks like she is wearing Mary Jane shoes. HA HA! I bought a pastel rainbow of all these socks. Aren't they adorable!?!?! For little boys they had some to favor tennis shoes.

Baby Socks

That was Friday. Saturday we get up and hit the local tailgate market. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! All this fresh produce, mostly 1.00 a pound. I bought squash, garlic, corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. Then we hit Earth Fare to finish up my long list. Beforehand I sat down and made a menu for the week. Chicken Quesadillas with homemade guacamole, Steak, salad and Potatoes, Fish Sandwiches with Fries, Fresh Veggies and Quiches. Sweet Potatoes.

YUMMY!!!!! Plus, I am making a couple homemade butterscotch pies! Anyone want to come over for a slice?

I have a new job! Cutting my B1's hair. He asked me if I could cut it. Sure. I didn't see a problem. It looks really good. Now I can add something to the list of "Things Michelle Can Do".

The construction on the house will start soon. I am really excited about the changes. After the porch and roof are finished I want to work on a couple things inside. Really just the icing so to speak. Add some art work, rugs and such. That excites me more than the porch. Maybe. HA HA!

Well, I hate to rush but I better. Kids to feed and etc...

That made my morning.

First, let me apologize for not having the time to explore new blogs these days. Since having Chunky Monkey 4 months ago my computer time is limited. Usually just to update my blog or check email. Since getting my Blackberry I emailed the blog links to that and when I am sitting around nursing, holding a sleeping baby or in carpool, I read blogs that way.

If you want to share your blog with me, please comment with the link. I'd really enjoy that and love the opportunity to meet new bloggers.

This morning I actually checked my stat counter. I noticed a few hits coming from a certain page. I had to check into that of course. lol What I saw made my day!!!! I think my smile will be plastered on my face for most of the morning. Unless of course, Lil O pees in the floor or Chunky Monkey spits up on something. lol

This site has me listed in her blog list!!!!!!! ~sniffle~

In the Treetop


My Blog List

That's me!!!!!!!!!!

Again, thank you for making my day. I promise to do my best in checking out new blogs. Don't forget to comment with your blog links!!!!!

SOOO hot that it will burn you!!!!

I love the video to Madonna's song 4 Minutes with Justin!!!! I think it is HOT!!!!!

Obsessed/Addicted To:

Which pretty much means the same thing. You say potato, I say potato.....

As you know, I joined Facebook the other day out of curiosity. I am sad to say that I have to add it to my list. The Obsessed/Addicted list. It was bound to happen. I am human after all.

I thought I would share a few of my obsessions and addictions with you. The list is in no certain order. I would hate to embarrass myself trying to put them in order of importance.

  1. My website. ~ http://www.theadventuresofsupermom.com
  3. Double Mint Oreos
  4. MySpace
  5. TWITTER ~ Look me up if you are a tweeter yourself. TheSupermom is my ID.
  6. People.com ~ I like smut as much as the next person.
  7. Doctor Who ~ The ones with Christopher Eccleston the most!
  8. MAD MEN ~ If you haven't watched this yet on AMC, what are you waiting for??? This is an awesome show!!!!!!!
  9. Army Wives ~ I kind of put this on the back burner since I have been watching Mad Men. They come on at the same time on Sundays, sooooo I try to catch it when it reruns.
  10. MY BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ How did I exist without it???? Seriously, I love my Blackberry. I can surf the web. Check email. AND NOW FACEBOOK!!! Plus, update my blog!
  11. Coffee ~ That is self explanatory.
  12. Adding pictures to Flickr. ~ Who knew I would get so much enjoyment from that?
  13. MADONNA ~ If you know me, I don't have to explain this one.
  14. Damien rice ~ DITTO!
  15. My husband who I call HB. He now wants to be known as B1. Let me explain. When we met I called him HBG. Hottie Bike Guy. Bike as in bicycle not motorcycle. Then I shortened it to HB. He knows an HB and doesn't like him sooooo he bugs me to change it. What happened to freedom of speech?? Sooooo, from now on he will be B1 and my son will be B2. Like the banana show. Anyone else remember that show? HA HA
  16. H, B2, Lil O and Baby M ~ DUHHH!!!!!
  17. Pajama Pants ~ The loose pressed cotton kind. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Flip Flops
  19. CLINIQUE!!!!!!! ~ This is how I keep my youthful glow!!!!!!
  20. My perfume. ~ Lauren and Obsession. LOL
  21. Women that BLOG! We ROCK!
  22. Sweet Tea ~ I am from the south and it is such a southern thing.
  23. My Zoloft. ~ Well, technically you cannot get addicted to Zoloft. Since I am dealing with PPD, it helps me. The things we deal with when we have a baby.

Okay, enough of that. I will add more things. Maybe. I would hate to seem like I need an Addiction support group. ~gentle smile~

August 2008

Bouncie Bouncie

Baby Einstein Baby


Sleeping Baby

Drool Baby Drool. Getting 2 teeth.

Drooling Baby

These boots belonged to B2 and I kept them....Guess who likes them now?
Day 1.
Day 1 with boots

Day 2.

Day 2 with boots

Beautiful Baby M had her 4 month check up. 14 lbs. 6 oz. She stayed in the wrap most of the day due to shots.

Beautiful Baby M

Beautiful Baby M

I love my baby sister....for this picture anyway.

I love my baby sister

Chunky Monkey.

Chunky Monkey

I am a very happy baby.

Happy Baby

Blowing Bubbles to pass the time.

Blowing Bubbles

Did I actually say that? A topic for Tuesday.

Things that I thought I would never ever say:

  • "Your sister isn't a dog. Stop telling her to fetch."
  • "Did you stick a pollypocket toy up your nose?"
  • "Did you pee in my plant?"
  • "Why are you peeing in the shower?"
  • "Does he have to wear his pants to his freaking knees?"
  • "Could those jeans be any tighter on you? GO CHANGE!"
  • "Are you wearing mascara?"
  • "Did you write on the couch?"
  • UPDATE!! Why did you put your hand in your diaper?
  • UPDATE!! Who rubbed a booger on the couch?

Things I never thought would be said to me:

  • "Good Job!!! I am going to take you to Fun Depot." (My three year old was happy that I used to potty. ha ha)

This list will be added to during the day and possibly the week. When I remember all the crazy things said in this house and out of it.

Monday Madness

Today is going to be the start of something new. Something wonderful. Monday Madness. Since Mondays are always difficult and I can always find something to bitch about. HA HA

So from now on Mondays I am going to post about something that I want to fix and my goal will be to get it DONE!!!!

IE: Piles of laundry
Dust Bunnies the size of small children
Cleaning out the closets

So this Monday I choose to bitch about:

Where the crap did all this stuff come from??? Do we really need all this crap???

I THINK NOT!!!! So my goal this week is to go through all the bedrooms, closets and the basement and make a bitchingly HIGH Goodwill pile!!!!

So, who's with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That is your goal for the week???

Damn those polly pockets!!!!!

Lil O stuck one of their "accessories" up her nose!!!!! What is the fascination of putting things in the mouth or the nose. Perhaps maybe even the ears. UGH!! She sneezed the small piece out thank GOD. I would hate to visit the ER TWO times this week.

I have a question for you? How often do you google people you once knew wondering what they are up too??? I do it often. I joined MySpace to keep in touch with people I knew in high school. Even though I am not that person from high school it is nice to reconnect with people from back in the day of 80's hair and clothes. HA HA Oh and let's not forget 80's MUSIC!!!!!!!

So, my point, I joined Facebook last night. The suspense was killing me!!!! So, I had to copy & paste a generic profile about myself and start browsing around. So far I am digging it. It is a different crowd than MySpace. ~said in a loving way, of course~
I even reconnected with someone I went to the prom with. I think I still have some baby pictures of him around here somewhere. Now I can give them back to him!!! :)

If you have a Facebook profile or even MySpace and want to be BFF, just link me and we can do that.

I am off to check on the kiddos and make lunch. Hmm, wondering how I can invent something to keep kids from sticking things up their noses. Including FINGERS!

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

I love to eat this with a butter cracker like Ritz or salty chips.

14 oz artichoke hearts, drain and chop up

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 cup mayo

1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 cup grated Parmesan

sprinkle of pepper

10 oz chopped spinach, thaw and drain

Combine and put in greased dish.

Sprinkle with paprika.

Bake 350 for 20-25 minutes.

Back To School HUH?

Today I am sad. My adorable darling baby H started HIGH SCHOOL TODAY!!! ~~sobbing~~

What worries me the most is the older BOYS. You know the UPPER CLASS MAN. They are going to see my baby and drool.

Does this mean our phone will never stop ringing??? Wonder if it's too late to put her in an all girls school? KIDDING!!!


H is feeling much better. Yesterday I even let her leave the house. I took them school shopping at the mall. It was fun! They all got some neat things. Even if my husband may think I spent too much money. I won't have to buy B2 any clothes for the next year or so. Except a jacket and another pair of shoes later on. lol With H it is different. You have to have a huge assortment of clothes. Especially since you are in high school. DUH!!!! Honestly, after Monday, what H wanted H was able to get. She deserves it.

It looks like fall here. I noticed it yesterday when we were out. Coming down the road we live on just screamed FALL!!!! I like it! Fall is one of my favorite times.

I miss my kids. School just starts too soon! It seems like they just got out for summer break. They both were excited. H was nervous and B2 couldn't wait to see his friends. Lil O misses them too. This morning she got up and went to wake them up like she has been doing. And they were gone. :( I told her we'd go pick them up a little bit later.

Anyone else watching the Olympics? The opening ceremony was the most amazing thing and I really don't think anyone can top it ever! You agree?

Okay. Must get up. I am actually going to get up and do a few things.

**I added a new label to my blog. "Fluffers" Since I have been busy I scheduled a bunch of things to post lately ahead of time. I am sure you can tell which ones they are. I thought it only fair to given them their own label. Fluffers suits them, since it prepares you for my regular blogging. ha ha

I HEART magnets.

Well, actually my husband does!

We have these three on the fridge in order by dates.

I HEART magnets

The first one is just me, HB, H and B2. It was taken at Carowinds in July 2004. We were pregnant with Lil O and didn't know yet. How cool is that???

Next is Six Flags. Taken April 2007. It has me, HB, H, B2 and Lil O in it! I hated Six Flags in Georgia and would never go back or recommend it to ANYONE!!!

Last, we have Carowinds. Taken August 2008. The picture includes me, HB, H, B2, Lil O, Baby M and Niece H.

We like how each picture includes another child as time went by.

Organic Foods We Eat

1- Milk
We love whole milk. My HB uses Almond Milk.

2- Eggs

3- Cheese

4- Yogurt
Organic yogurt is the best! I get the kind with cream on top. Add some granola and fresh blueberries.

5- Strawberries
We wouldn't touch them unless they are organic.

6- Grapes
A tasty treat at our house.

7- Apples
Nothing like an organic apple straight from the fridge.

8- Blueberries
Frozen or Fresh. We love them. Add them to homemade pancakes.

9- Oranges

10- Chicken/Beef Broth
Just as good as making it yourself!!!! PROMISE!!!

11- Tuna

12- Pasta Sauce

13- All fresh and canned Veggies

14- All our meat is organic.

15- Bread

Yes organic costs more but I know the benefits are worth it. My family is worth it.

Yesterday was one of the WORST days of my life.

Good Tuesday morning. It is Tuesday right? My mind is fried and I may need therapy after yesterday. Seriously.

Our day was planned out and we were having a grand time at Target. Laughing. Shopping. Enjoying life. It was really nice.

Let me say something before the horror story starts. My kids will give me a hard time. Teasing me. They have even went as far as telling me that B2 was hurt on the trampoline and couldn't move. Only for me to get outside and they start to laugh. Sooooo NOT COOL! I got them back. I asked them to come into the garage I had to tell them something. I had the hose on and at full force!!!!! Soaking them. ha ha Anyway....

I was checking out the couch covers and they were goofing off with some game chair in the middle aisle. I finish looking at the covers and get everyone to head back to the school supply area. The main point of our shopping trip. H mentions she is dizzy. I think nothing of it because she got up from the floor from playing with that chair. I say, "Stop fooling around. Let's get our shopping finished here.". We had plans to hit the mall next and the FOOD COURT! We continue to walk toward the school area in the back corner. She then mentions she is seeing spots. She sits down in the floor. I think she is pulling my leg and I tell her to get up and come on. Then we round the corner and I see the school things. She sits down again. I say again, "get up, lets get this done.". ~I am getting all teared up playing this back in my head~

This is where is gets all blurry for me. Like my life was flashing before my eyes. I am sure the whole event lasted 30 minutes or more but for me it was a matter of seconds.

H is pushing the cart with Lil O sitting in it. B2 is walking beside the cart. I am in front of the cart with Baby M in the Bjorn. I see H begin to fall face first, scraping her face down the cart as she falls. At this point I am screaming hysterically for someone to call 911. I am sure I screamed it a several times as I rush around the cart to turn H over. She is face down on the floor. OMG this memory haunted me all damn day and during the night. I remember a woman helping me turn her over. I am screaming. I am crying. H has this really odd look on her face. I was thinking a seizure. She lost consciousness for maybe 15 seconds. I don't think it was anymore than that. I cannot be really sure though. I lost all track of time. Life flashing before my eyes type thing.

Someone at Target said 911 was called. I don't remember this being said. My son told me later he heard it. She was brought a pillow. Someone gave her a drink from the cafe. I'm hysterical. She is an awful color and sticky feeling. I am checking her out. Crying. She's crying. Someone takes Baby M from me. B2 and Lil O are just watching with a scared shit look on their faces. That's the only way I can phrase it. Usually I am not one to say naughty words.

I do remember asking B2 to find my cell and give it to me. I heard someone say that we already called 911. I say, "No, I'm calling my husband.". He works downtown and could get their quickly. I think I told him to get to Target that H passed out and 911 was called.

I'm crying still. H is crying. I am bent over her holding her. The woman is being so kind. She is a nurse I find out. She checked H's pulse. I remember seeing her little girl behind her.

The first paramedics show up. I burst out in tears. I have to explain the whole story to them. They are checking her out. Her BP is fine. They even check her sugar. It is fine. Then the second set of paramedics show up with a stretcher. This is where my husband enters, I think. I really am not sure. I have to tell my story again to them. They continue to check her out as well. They tell me something like that they could take her in the ambulance or I could take her. I ask if they think she is okay for me to take her. I wasn't sure how to get up there with the rest of the kids if they took her in the ambulance.

They help her up and make sure she is able to walk.

Long story short. We get her to the minivan. I call her doctor to see if they want to see her or to take her on to the hospital. They thought the hospital would be best since she passed out and hit the ground.

We spent 3 hours at the hospital. Maybe a bit more. They check her out twice. A CT is ordered. They found lots of fluid in her ears and sinuses. Sinusitis is what they say. With all the fluid in her ears it messed up her equilibrium. Hence dizzy and passing out COLD.

They also diagnosed her with something else related to her passing out.

She is on an antibiotic for 10 days.

It was a rough day for all of us. I cried most of the day. When H saw me cry she'd cry too. I was thinking it was my fault for not listening to her. I told her this. She would reassure me it wasn't my fault. Then we'd cry together.

Her face will be okay. No broken bones. She is swollen, scratched and bruised. I told her I have some great Clinique products to cover that up on the first day of school on Thursday.

I know we will be okay from all this. It was very traumatic and scared the shit out of me.

I love my crazy H and I am so glad she is okay. Last night I was thinking how blessed and thankful I am.

Thank you God for everything you have blessed me with. I will try to treasure it every single moment of every single day.

YOU can live without these 10 kitchen items!

You can buy mediocre bread easily enough, or make the real thing without much practice.

If you do a lot of reheating or fast (and damaging) defrosting, you may want one. But essential? No. And think about that counter space!

Unless you’re a baking fanatic, it takes up too much room to justify it. A good whisk or a crummy handheld mixer will do fine.

Really? You’re a butcher now? Or a fishmonger? If so, go ahead, by all means. But I haven’t used my boning knife in years. (It’s pretty, though.)

Counterproductive without a good wok station equipped with a high-B.T.U. burner. (There’s a nice setup at Bowery Restaurant Supply for $1,400 if you have the cash and the space.)

The pot you use for boiling pasta will suffice, until you start making gallons of stock at a time.

It’s useful, but do you need one? No.

More trouble than it’s worth, unless you have a pine-paneled wall you want to decorate.

Yes, if you eat rice twice daily. Otherwise, no.

Only if you’re a sucker for late-night cooking infomercials.

I feel pretty good because I only have two of those items. The rice cooker which I cannot do without and copper pots. I agree with the article because I hate cleaning them!!!!!

A quick update about H

We are home. She has lots of fluid in her ears. And in her sinuses.

That probably caused her to feel dizzy and pass out COLD in Target.

Her CT was normal.

I am still a wreck and cannot get the image of her falling out of my mind. I am just in tears thinking about my baby.

More details tomorrow.

i am a nervous wreck...

My oldest daughter passed out cold at Target. Had to call 911.

At hospital waiting for a CT scan.

Sent from Blackberry.

Hanes Underwear Can Promise Wedgie Free Panties?

Be Wedgie-Free!!!

Hanes Wedgie-Free

WOW, what a guarantee!!!

Does it include a small tube of super glue to add on the edge after you put them on?? Or does it have a rubber lining that suctions around your legs after you put them on?? Or are they smaller than the actual size and the snugness makes them WEDGIE-FREE??

Who has bought any?? Do you like?? Are they in fact WEDGIE-FREE??? DETAILS!!!!

Dooney & Bourke must read my blog or...

...great minds think alike!!!!

As you have learned I have a leopard print obsession. Okay, maybe not an obsession. I just like it. It's cheeky.

I bought these shoes a few weeks ago.

Leopard Print Shoes #2

Pretty hot huh?????

The other day I was checking my email. LOOK WHAT WAS IN IT!!!!!

Dooney & Bourke Leopard

Dooney & Bourke Bag

~~swoon~~ As I was wiping the drool from my chin, I was checking the bags out.

I have one Dooney & Bourke. It was an anniversary gift for leather. It's BRIGHT red and I am in love with my bag. It suits me!

Dooney & Bourke

Isn't she a beauty??? I love my red bag and love to carry it. :)

I don't think I really want a leopard print bag to carry. But I wouldn't mind a leopard print wallet or other accessories to carry in my BRIGHT RED BUCKET BAG!!!!! ~innocent smile~

Somethings in life are just a bitch.

My husband bought me two books when I found out I was pregnant with Baby M at Earth Fare. They have been in my kitchen the whole time.

He brought the book into the bedroom the other day to show me something.

Can you see it???

Don't you hate when a typo slips through?

Feelings, we all have them.

This was handed out at my first Moms Supporting Moms Meeting.


One of the Basic Currencies of Human Interaction

*Feelings are a basic unit of human experience.

*There are a small number of feelings that underline much of human experience. These are fear, anger, sadness and happiness.

*All feelings are OK.

*Feelings will continue to re-cycle until we allow ourselves to feel them deeply.

*Feelings will re-cycle until we love ourselves for feeling them.

*The direct expression of the basic feelings can result in clear, meaningful communication.

*Directly stating feelings and wants can solve problems.

*Feelings that have not been accepted, deeply felt and loved will re-cycle in the form of unproductive thoughts and behavior.

*The way out is always through.

*What we resist ruins us.

I HEART Tammy!!!!!

My friend Tammy is the reason this very blog exists. I had been toying with it for some time. My HB didn't like the name I had picked out. He said that short and simple was the best. BUT I am SUPERMOM and my life is an ADVENTURE! I loved the name and Tammy agreed with me. She encouraged me to buy the name and get the blog running before Baby M arrived!

So that is what I did!!!!

She has and still continues to email me links and ideas to look at so that I may incorporate them into my blog.

Thank you Tammy for making "our" blog possible!!!!

Give her a virtual hug if you like to thank her for The Adventures of Supermom because she made me do it!!

Swirls, Twirls and other stuff too

**UPDATE******* Tammy left a comment for me

I heart you too
thank you so much for the blog about me

even tho I offer you ideas and links..all the hard work is yours
it cant be easy writing all this stuff and making it interesting for everyone to read
I heart reading your blog everyday
now if we can just get the other people who heart your blog to pass it on to their friends and their email buddys or groups
if you heart this blog pass it on
come on everyone chant with me
we heart supermom
we heart supermom
we heart supermom

swirls twirls and a cherry on top

Potty Training Idea. I hope it works.

Potty Training Idea

Potting training has been becoming a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!

Lil O almost had it perfected until Baby M came along.

We have tried every freaking thing. PRAISE!! STICKERS!! BRIBERY!!!!

NOTHING IS WORKING. Frankly I am tired of changing POOPY DIAPERS!! I am already changing a baby and STILL A TODDLER!!!

I just want to scream. When we talk to Lil O about it she will tell us she already used the potty. I have tried to tell her over and over again that you have to use the POTTY EVERYDAY. That time you used it last week DOESN'T COUNT!!!!!!

I had an idea over the weekend and I put it to use Monday.

I cleaned out her DVD drawer of her favorite movies. If she pees or poops in the potty she gets ONE DVD back. To watch the DVD she has to poop or pee AGAIN in the potty. If there is an accident she LOSES the DVD AGAIN.

Monday--She peed in potty. She got her Backyardigans DVD back.

She peed in potty again. She got to watch the DVD.

She pooped in POTTY! I am really excited by this point thinking the plan was working.

Then she peed all over the play area! I even had to pick up the play kitchen to mop under.

DVD was taken AWAY!!!!

So, today is Thursday right? I haven't had to watch any movies so far if you get my drift!!!!

Any ideas?? Please share them with me!!!! I shouldn't have to be changing my 3 year old daughters poopy diapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just like to say SALSA!!!!!!!

I have posted this recipe before. But it is sooo yummy it needs to be posted again!!!!!

mango salsa

Mango Salsa

2 Ripe Mango's peeled, pitted and diced
1/2 Red Onion chopped
1 cucumber peeled and diced
3 Tbsp chopped fresh Cilantro
3 Tbsp fresh lime juice
1 Avocado
salt and pepper to taste

I love to make this with a white fish or just with SALTY chips.

~this recipe was taken from another site, I wrote about it in the other post~

Lets Share A Recipe!!!!

I love cooking and call myself an Amature Chef! With it being sooooo hot I try not to spend much time in the kitchen. I also enjoy getting my kids in the kitchen!! It is a big plus letting them help.

I'd like you to comment with a FAVORITE recipe of yours! I'll return the favor!!!

Lets have fun with this!


Did you submit your blog yet???

I keep bouncing from 3 to 4 to 3 again. It was nice being number 2 for a short time.

Click the link below to read other mom blogs and submit your own. NO JOKE!!!

Hi my name is Michelle and I don't know what birth control is.

Hello there. We just got back in from a quick weekend getaway. We took the four kids + 1 niece to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was definitely an adventure.

Saturday we went to Discovery Place. The plan was for HB, H and B2 to watch the new Batman movie in the IMAX and I would take Lil O, Baby M and my niece to the museum to look around and enjoy. I love a museum. Good idea I thought. Well, I was wrong. THANK GOD they had this HUGE play area for them to play in. It was like walking into Toys R Us with every toy you can imagine to play with. Even a water part. The bad thing is that the play area is right when you ENTER the museum. I wonder how many children actually make it to the museum after entering the play area???? I doubt many.

In fact I had to pick Lil O up and carry her out to SEE the museum. UGH, she kept running off and crying for the play area. It was very frustrating!!!!!!! I ended up taking them back to the play area so they would HUSH. We sat there for an hour then I dragged them out for lunch. Then took them back to play for another hour. By this time the movie was over and we met up with everyone else. I get all annoyed again trying to remember details to type them up. ha ha

Charlotte Discovery Dino

All in all the Discovery Place was a really exciting place to visit. I would recommend it to everyone. It is the only place you can see two rats play basketball I bet. I know what the catch is though. Both rats look exactly the same so you really don't know which rat belongs to your team and both rats can shoot at either goal. Pretty sneaky of them. Sadly, the kids didn't catch on to their trickery. ha ha

Charlotte Discovery Rat Basketball

The title of my blog is based on how MANY looks I got over the weekend with 5 kids tagging along behind me. A 14 year old, 10 year old, 7 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month old. I had told a few friends that I was going to claim all 5 of them and say I was pregnant with twins. But, I was just tooo freaking tired to care. I felt like saying, "What haven't you seen kids before?". Anyway...

Charlotte was HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!
We headed to the Marriott to check in and swim in the pool. Ahhh, sitting by the pool. Watching the kids play. While I surfed the Internet on my Blackberry. We pretty much stayed there until bedtime. Minus HB and H going to get Thai takeout and ordering room service for a few things. I really love staying at Marriott's. Down pillows and comforters. Ahh, just like home. Enough about them because this isn't a commercial.

Sunday morning after a nice breakfast at the hotel we head to Carowinds. I'd like to shout out a THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies at the restaurant. They took wonderful care of us. I had to correct them too about the 5 kids with me.

Charlotte Carowinds

This is my niece standing on the North Carolina/South Carolina line. I have always thought that a neat fact about the park. Of course, we headed to the left side which led us to a Nickelodeon Themed area. EVERYTHING ON NICK WAS ON THIS SIDE. We even saw god-parents walking around!!!!!! I thought Wanda and Cosmo were cute! Lil O wouldn't even get near them. She has this thing with people dressed in costumes. I don't think she will like Halloween either. I could be wrong though. I doubt it. It's just a hunch.

The kids enjoyed all the rides. They weren't bothered by the hot sweaty weather. They didn't even notice all the people walking around in bathing suits that shouldn't be. ~innocent smile~

Charlotte Carowinds

That's me and Lil O on the carousel. Don't we look cute? She is doing the wave!!! Practicing for when she is in a parade and will use it. Smile. Wave. Smile. Wave. Lil O loves a carousel! We rode it twice. I hate to admit but I love to ride them as much as she does!

Charlotte Carowinds

I was impressed that she got on the swings!!!!!! You could hear her squeal in delight over the music!!! That's my girl!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

H and Lil O with Jimmy! Ha Ha!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

ALL the kids loved this coaster!

Charlotte Carowinds

The look on their faces explains it ALL!!!! AWESOME!!! To enjoy something soooo much!

Charlotte Carowinds

H and B2 were such good sports. They helped out with the two smaller girls so much!! Which meant they had to ride rides they really wouldn't be caught dead on! See how happy they are in the boats? HA HA! I think they want to disappear! Thanks you two! Cause my fat butt wouldn't fit in the boat!

Charlotte Carowinds

I see a pilots license in the furture. Maybe she will become an astronaut! COOLNESS!!

Charlotte Carowinds

Awww. They are with Velma posing for a picture. It was called the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion I believe. This was the only ride Lil O cried on because it scared her! Riding the above coaster didn't but seeing monsters did. :(

Charlotte Carowinds

Yes, they have a LOST KIDS place! I didn't have to go here ONCE during our stay! I was surprised by this! I thought for sure I would lose at least one child.

Charlotte Carowinds

Baby M was perfect the whole time. See how she is chilling with her foot propped up? She was able to ride one ride. You ready to hear which one? She road the train for a DORA ADVENTURE!!! We caught stars and ran off Swiper!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

She got her first taste of water!!!! I wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated since it was so freaking hot there!

At one point we saw Goth kids walking around. I thought that interesting. I find it hard to imagine one of them saying, "Hey guys, lets go to Carowinds today!". Don't you?

I want to warn you if you are planning a trip to Carowinds and this will be your first visit! There is one ride in particular. Upon entering you will see a sign that reads, "YOU WILL GET WET". Let me just say that B2 and Niece H were soaked even before they rode the ride!!!! Water would just dump on people as they wait in line!!!!!

Charlotte Carowinds

See how happy they look!!!!

Charlotte Carowinds


Charlotte Carowinds

**I am proud to say that NO ONE got sunburned!!!!!!! I think I deserve a medal for this one. Going to an amusement park in August with 5 kids and no one got burned!!!!! They were greased down several times. Wore hats and sunglasses!

After 5+ hours I was sooooo over Carowinds. The heat! The crowds! People wearing bathing suits that shouldn't be! I was dripping with sweat!!!! I was tired! I was thirsty! I was ready to come home!

Everyone had a great time and that made me happy. I hate that I missed the new Batman movie at the IMAX. I'll have to watch it when it comes to the APC. I also hated that I missed the Museum. One day I can go without kids. Hmmm. Would I look odd walking around a kids museum without kids?? Who cares? Not me! I was just glad to get the hell out of Charlotte and back to my house and MY BED! With only my 4 kids! :)

Oh My!! Someone give me a chill pill please.

Warning!! Sour mood blogging.

I have been tackling the mountain of laundry today. And the vacuuming. And the dusting. All while watching/playing with/refereeing all 4 kids. Ask me if I am stressed.

I transferred the weekend trip photos to Flickr AND tried to type up a blog about the trip. I am sorry I was unable too. I am in a funk and cannot wrap my brain around details. I guess it is from lack of sleep dealing with depression. Anxiety. And I cannot think straight.

Anyone know my name?? Please email it to me along with a few xanax or valium. Thanks a bunch. I will send you that sex book Nerve sent me in return.

I haven't watched Army Wives or Mad Men yet. That's tells you how bummed I am. Ugh!! I just feel like I could cry over anything.

Then I think of my 97 year old great grandfather that fell and fractured his pelvic bone and now has pneumonia! I told them to NOT call me if he passed away while I was gone. I was relieved to get home and know he is still living. Whatever that means... He keeps asking for his wife. Sadly she passed away years ago.

Anyway. I am in bed with Baby M being serenaded by the bugs outside. I will miss them when they are gone. Maybe...