Who's Who? It's me of course! :)

Yesterday I filled out their online application after I posted my blog. It had lots of questions. I tried to be serious yet humorous when answering them.

What is the name of your business: The Adventures of Supermom

Your Title: CEO

Your Job: Blogging Mommy

Any Special Talents: *Housekeeper *Amateur Chef *Nurse *Therapist *Sex Toy ~Remember I am married.~ :) *Teacher *Art Director *Police Officer ~Did you take the toy from your sister?? Were you just in the kitchen?? Show me your hands??~ *Laundry Attendant *Maintenance Manager of the house *Taxi Driver of “Mom’s Jag” *Janitor *Computer Geek ~so I can blog about crazy things I think about early in the morning or google, “strange smells coming from shower drain” for my Janitor position.~ (from a previous post of mine)

Special Awards: Mother of the Year, every year.

And then I hit "send". Last night before bed I checked my email and they responded.

Thank you for submitting your online application for Cambridge Who's Who membership. This application will now be sent to our selection committee for review and consideration. You can expect to hear from a Cambridge Who's Who representative shortly.
Please do not send in duplicate applications. Multiple submissions could result in a delay in the processing of your application.
Again, thank you for your time and your online application.

I am off to enjoy my lil sis and our 6 kids at the pool. :)


lonestar818 said…
Good for you, that is awesome! :) Please be sure to post if you hear back!