Things I have watched/listened to this week.

I added these to my Amazon list to the left if you want to check them out.


Mad Men -- We finished Season 1 this week. The 2nd season starts this month. It is on AMC. Check it out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Piano -- I really like this movie. It is a nice love story. Well, maybe nice isn't the right word to use. She did lose a finger. We saw them naked. I had forgot about the naked scenes. Glad my kids were not around.

Army Wives -- The new season is on Lifetime. I like this show but wouldn't miss it if I stopped watching it. Now that I have found Mad Men, I like that show better.

Listened To:

Damien Rice -- He is the man to listen to if you are in a funk or even out of a funk. 9 Crimes is my favorite song these days.

Madonna -- Hard Candy. I am debating if I am going to buy tickets to her Atlanta Show in November. If only I liked the CD better I wouldn't have doubt. Now if only she would have a greatest hits tour. I would be all over it. Following her from city to city. Dye my hair blond and buy a corset. ha ha You think I kid. I do not. :) MADONNA ROCKS!

DJ Shadow -- Is in the CD player.

Michelle Branch

Mercy Me