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Supermom has a new cape!

Have you noticed?? My brand new cape??

I am a member of a group that rates your blog. I lovely woman responded about my blog and the changes that would make it nice. I asked her help and she designed the header and added more color and made my blog separate from all the other text.

She did a WONDERFUL job!!!! Don't you think?

Here is a link to her page. Just click the button.

Here is a link to her blog as well:

Pepper Scraps

Thank you Pepper for my design. My daughter said, "You have a real page now.". LOL

So go check out Peppers Site!!!!


Mary said...

VERY nice. I want a real page too. But I'll have to wait until I have real money! It looks great. Fabulous job, Pepper!

Jennifer Saylor said...

I noticed the new layout the moment i saw it! It looks GREAT!!

Supermom said...

Thank you!! Thank you!!

I feel all professional now.

Michelle :)