So what if she likes grape jelly on her waffles.

~first posted Febuary 18, 2007~ It's a post about Lil O! Since she is growing up to such a lovely big girl, I wanted to post again.

Good Monday morning from my computer chair to yours. This blog is going to be all about my youngest daughter O. She will three years old in 23 days. Or there abouts. Not that I am counting them.

It is sad to think of my baby growing up. It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Then she turned 1, then 2 and now 3! She is such a big girl.

As she is running around the house now in her Dora nightgown with her ponytails all messy. Wearing her princess jewelry. Sucking on her paci. Yes, she still has it and we are okay with it. If you aren’t, then you come take it from her. lol

I think of how much I am in love with that little girl. ~And my other 2 children.~

I love it when she laughs and says, “Tickle me”. Tells me I am her best friend forever. And when we are all snuggled together she will wrap her arms around my neck and tell me she loves me with all of her heart.

Here recently you can ask her something and she will say, “Umm, no” or “Umm, yes”. Its cute.

Yesterday when her big brother locked her out of his room we heard her scream through the door, “BEN CALVIN”. lol She thought using his middle name would get that door open. It didn’t but we got a good laugh from it.

I love to hear all these new words she picks up. She has been talking for a long time. She started speaking complete sentences when she started talking it seems. Such a VAST vocabulary for someone so small. Well small in age I guess.

She is one tall girl. She got that from me. :) She has the most beautiful big brown eyes, from her daddy. Blond streaks in her hair where the sun has kissed it.

I like it how she always calls PINK things green. lol

I like to paint her toenails. She likes it too.I love it when we are in bed for our nap together and I make up a story for her. She will say after, “That was a great story”.

I like how she picks out her clothes and shoes for the day. We don’t argue much over her choices. lol

I like to watch her jump on the trampoline. Hair flying everywhere. Laughing. Just enjoying herself. Freedom.

It warms my heart when I come home from being away from her she will say, “I am so happy, I have missed you”.

I simply adore when we wake up in the morning and she will ask, “You sleep good mommy?”. Since she shares our bed, I get lots of snuggle time at bedtime and when we first wake up. On occasion I have felt a poke poke for me to get up that she is awake and ready to get up out of bed. lol

I like sharing my bath with her. Having her and bubbles at the same time is such a treat. We do this about every day.

There are so many things I have learned from all my children. They teach us what really is important in life. They are. They teach us to not be selfish and only think of ourselves. They teach us that love is really unconditional. I am still trying to get patience. I pray for that everyday. I hope that I am able to teach them as much as they have taught me.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday. I will because I will be with Lil O enjoying her as much as I can. Learning from her. Laughing with her. Letting her be her, because that is what she does best.