Sleeping Like A Baby My Butt...

Who started this phrase anyway??

Because apparently they haven't met or heard about my fourth child. Baby M. I would never say I want to sleep like her. More like NOT sleep like her.

She is 13 weeks old and not really a sound sleeper. It's odd. I can vacuum in the room right beside her crib and it not even make her flinch. BUT someone can whisper across the house in a room with the door shut and it will wake her up!!!!


For me to actually be able to do things around the house instead of sit on the couch/bed and hold her as she sleeps I have to use my wrap. She will just sleep in that. I sometimes wish I could do something like that. All snuggled up to my mamaw asleep as she rubs my back. Now that would be a good nights sleep for sure.

Baby M fell asleep in the swing for the first time this past week. I thought, "THIS IS HEAVEN!".

Sleeping Baby M

Sooo, for me, instead of saying, "I wish I could sleep like a baby".

I will say, "I wish I could sleep like a man after a Thanksgiving meal." Or any meal at that on a Sunday. :)

BTW, I came up with this post after reading another blog about the same topic. I am sorry but I forgot where I read it. Please if you are a reader of my blog yell at me and I will give you due credit for this post of mine! :)

Here is a picture of Lil O WITHOUT her paci sound asleep.

Sleeping Lil O

Last night was really hard for us. My HB said he was about to go to Walgreen's and buy her a new paci. She would tell us, "I miss my paci". "Please give it back." "I miss sucking it." Add lots of tears and crying--it broke our heart.

I know today will be better for her.


Mary said…
Awww. . . You're having all kinds of sleep issues, aren't you? I'm sorry. You know I can relate because it was my blog you were so kind to visit! That picture of your baby in the swing is an all too familiar one! Wish I had a wrap. I have a snuggli, but I feel too constricted to do anything with it on! It won't be long before we miss these baby days - let's cherish them.
Supermom said…

Yes, I am having lots of sleep issues. ha ha
It goes with the territory I suppose.

I totally agree--CHERISH!!!! I wouldnt change a thing.

Michelle :)