She's Got The Pacifier Blues

~written while sitting on the couch watching 2 1/2 Men, holding a sleeping baby~

If you read the previous post you will know all about Lil O and her paci. Plus Build A Bear.

It has been very hard but we have stood firm. Last night she had a breakdown of sorts. We were sitting around talking to her. She flipped Paci Bear over thinking she could just get her paci out. You could see the sadness in her eyes. It was depressing to see. To her she had lost her best friend. The world as she knew it was over.

We explained that the paci was gone. She couldn't have it back. And we didn't have another one to give her.

She no longer wanted the bear. She just had eyes for her paci.

Once bedtime rolled around there was lots of crying. More talking. Lil O finally went to sleep with me rubbing her back.

She was restless most of the night. ~pout~

This morning she was upset and we talked. She asked me to hold her hand and talk about her paci. She told us that she missed it. Then she asked for me to give it back to her. It was very sad but this is something we have to do. I told her I understood and it was okay to miss her paci. I told her I missed paci as well.

~shrug~ I hope we are doing the right thing.

Now she is taking a walk around the neighborhood pushing her stroller with paci bear.


Mama Les said…
Yes you did the right thing. You had a great idea w/that paci bear! I will let my friend know, she has a 2 yr old w/a paci, and she doesnt know how to get her off of it, and your idea was great!!! -- kids get over things quickly, I am sure it will adjust w/out it very soon. It just might take a few dys. This phase will be over soon, I am sure. Good luck! :)
Applie said…
Awww, how sad. You are doing the right thing. :) I love the idea about the paci bear! Not one of my kids would take a paci. I am thankful today, but at the time, I REALLY needed the first born to take one. Nope, won't have it. LOL
I remember when my 12 year old was three and we finally had to say goodbye to the "binky", partly because we couldn't understand a darn thing he was saying with that in his mouth. You did the right thing and what a sweet idea to support her through the fleeting trauma- I want a paci bear :-)