Sex Every Day For A Year.

Would you give this to your husband for a birthday gift for his 40th birthday?

This woman did. The Birthday Gift Have you read this yet??

Did the Jelly of the Month Club not email her back in time? Was Books A Million out of gift cards? Couldn't she find a power tool at Sears? Or maybe she hit her sexual peak. Since we do later on in life. Or maybe she had a life insurance policy put on him. LOL JOKING, of course.

I was thinking about the article. Could I have sex every day for a year? Would I want to have sex every day for a year? Hmmm... I am still not sure about it. I adore my husband and we have always had a great sex life but to do the deed every day for a year. I have to shake my head and say, "IS SHE CRAZY!?!" !!!

I will say she gets a cardboard cookie for "Best Original Gift" and "Best Homemade Gift".

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think!! I'd love to hear!!! :)


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said…
No way am I committing to that- I think it would make it too routine and eventually no fun at all. Although my hubby would probably feel completely different about the subject LOL
Brenda Jean said…
Oh this is just WRONG-- BAHAHAHAHA How dare she give hope to millions of other men that their wives may do the same. Yea, right. Can you imagine? No, I can't and I'm like you-- I like sex, but come on now...
Anonymous said…
Never going to happen! I, too, love my hubby and our sex life, but that kind of commitment is just asking for trouble. I wouldn't even commit to a back massage everyday. I'm bound to have a headache at least once in 365 days.