My 3 Year Old Said A Cuss Word.

~insert glare at my husband~

Tonight I was on the bed nursing the baby when Lil O comes in to ask me if I had her paci.

I told her I did not have it.

She SAID, "DAMMIT!!"!!

I calmly yelled for her daddy to come here. When he gets here she asks him if he has her paci. I start to hide my face with a pillow becuase I know what is coming next.

He told her he didn't have her paci.

She SAID, "DAMMIT!!"!!

He tooks at me as I am hiding my face trying not to laugh out loud.

I know we shouldn't make a big deal or she will say it MORE. But if she continues then I will start to correct her.

I have said SEVERAL times to watch what you SAY around her because she will PICK it up!!


Anonymous said…
I found myself laughing the first time my daughter said that, too. I think I was so darn proud she used it correctly.