My 3 year old makes me want to drink.

ALCOHOL! Joking. Well, no I am not.

Saturday we were at Target. Getting this and that. After my short list was checked off Lil O said she wanted a toy. No biggie. I'll let her get a small toy every once in awhile.

Big mistake! BIG mistake! Huge MISTAKE!

She cannot decide on a SMALL toy. Instead she wants this Barbie cash register. Umm, no. So, we both are trying to bargain with her. Nope, she wasn't having it. I suggest a movie. Let's go look at the movies and pick one out. No.

I head on up to the movies to take a look and pick out something for her.

Then I hear crying. It's getting closer. It sounds like Lil O.

She is being carried by her daddy. Screaming. Crying. People are looking at us like we are trying to abduct her. I am surprised someone didn't say anything to us. Kind of scares me now to think about it. Would a stranger step in to see why a child is screaming and crying????
Anyway...another topic for another day.

He drops her in the back of the cart. Not literally. She is still screaming and crying. Kicking. Making a HUGE scene.

To make a long story short. She wouldn't stop. HB gets the few things out of the cart to pay for them so I can just push the screaming Lil O out of the store. OMG, it was embarrassing. She wouldn't stop. She screamed and cried every step of the way out the door. Getting louder.

It didn't stop there. She screamed at the van. refusing to get out of the cart. I have Baby M in the wrap so I am unable to just grab her out of the cart. During this time I took a video and picture of her.

She is going to be famous. See how she blocks the paparazzi from taking her picture?

O's Breakdown

We finally got her in the van and strapped in the seat. She cried all the way home.

I am sure this has to do with losing her paci. The new baby. Etc........

Sooooo, after I get the kids to bed tonight....who's coming over for drinks?


Missy said…
I'll knock back a few with you, lol. My girls are 5 and 8 and I'm surprised I don't drink like a fish.

I hope it gets better, hang in there hun!
Mrs Furious said…
Hey thanks for the comment the other day. We just got back to Asheville... the house is a total wreck (not that you asked)... anyway I am in SERIOUS need of a haircut and need a recommendation. Would you email me at rachel at voltagedesign dot com? Thanks!
Helene said…
I hear ya on the drinking!! I could knock back a few myself sometimes!!

I'm reading this post and it totally reminds me of my 3 yr old daughter...maybe it's something about the 3's? I seriously could've written that same exact post!!!

Well, let's just hope that the 4's are better!!!
Supermom said…
Okay. Drinks at my house. Then we can play drunk Scrabble.