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Mommy has a new pair of shoes.

I have been on the prowl for some leopard print shoes. I even bought a pair on ebay. Sadly when they arrived they screamed "stripper". They are hidden somewhere in my closet if anyone wants them. Size 7 1/2.

Sooo I keep my eyes out for the perfect pair. Leopard prints are everywhere and on every thing.
I was at Belks buying my Clinique and from afar I spotted a leopard print! Like a long lost love it called to me.

I picked it up, wiping the drool from my chin. Swoon. The perfect shoe.

What do you think?

Leopard Print Shoes #2

Leopard Print Shoes

I am going to make up an occasion so I can wear them outside the house and show them off.

Sure I can continue to wear them around the house as I cook, clean, do the laundry, vacuum and dust. But then no one else could swoon over them as well.

Hmmm, wonder if June Cleaver had leopard print shoes to go with her pearls?

Next thing I am going to do is order Baby M a pair of these leopard print shoes in her special baby size. Look at these adorable shoes that a friend emailed to me. She knows of my leopard fetish it seems. lol

Heelarious her first high heels <~~~the site for the baby shoes.

I am going to take off these heels and pearls and go to bed.


amelia bedelia said…
OMG!! Those shoes are so freakin funny. I emailed the site to my niece, since I was "blessed" with 3 stinkin' boys.....

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