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Max & Ruby annoy me.

Max & Ruby, Ruby & Max annoy me. Lil O likes to watch them. I think Ruby is an annoying BOSSY big sister. If she really is his sister.

I told my husband you never see their parents. Just the grandma.

I think Ruby had a child at a young age. But she tells Max he is her "younger brother".

You didn't hear it from me though.


Helene said…
Yeah, what's up with Max and Ruby? Why do kids love it so much? I don't understand. I was so thankful when Cole and Bella fell out of love with the Wiggles but now they're all about Max and Ruby. They even go to the library and look for Max and Ruby books (and they do exist unfortunately).
Supermom said…
Say it isn't soooo!!! Books toooo!!
Mary said…
Thanks for reminding me! My oldest don't watch it anymore, but I've got a 4-month old who'll be watching TV before I know it. Let's hope Max and Ruby meet their demise before that happens!
Glass Dragonfly said…
As a parent of a 19 year old, I was like "who are Max and Ruby?!" and then I realized that like the Wiggles, they are something that I am glad I missed.

I did however get Barney and the Olsen Twins...ugh.
MamaNeena said…
I have some serious beef with them, too. It figures that this is the cartoon both kids love...
Skye said…
Since my son's name is Max, we have ended up reading a few of the Max and Ruby books. Only the Halloween one is worth anything at all. And I think you're on to something with that "younger brother" thing...
Supermom said…
Yep, there is more to the story that we know!

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