It's her paci and she'll cry if she wants too.

The Princess O has had a much better day without her paci. She even slept well last night. I took a picture of her sleeping this morning. I will post it tomorrow. She is just adorable. She is my little Princess Honey Bunny Sweetie Pie Lil O.

She hasn't asked for her paci much today. Which really surprised me. When she was tired or mad she would.

I took the kids swimming today. The sunscreen I used didn't work. This really angered me! When you buy a product and use on your children, you trust it will work. UGH!! So, I have three reddish children running around the house with aloe on them.

Time for this Supermom to get her babies in bed. Night Night.


Jennifer Saylor said…
I learned when I researched it last summer that most sunscreens are BS.

After Googling around I picked Badger and have avoided sunburn with it:

I think you can get it at Greenlife but not EF!