I Love Where I Live, Where I Am From.

These days it is hard to find a true native where I live. They are all transplants so to speak. But I am a true born here, live here native. So is my husband. And our family. We live in one of the most beautiful places. Mountains. Seasons. Fall Leaves. Not only that but we also have some great restaurants. Local art. A big mix of cultures. Anyway...

I wrote a post last year about what was out my back door. Just a short 20 minute drive really. The parkway!!! Land untouched by contractors and builders. Ahhh.... A place where you can lose yourself really quick. Pick wild blueberries. Nap under a tree. Hike. Ride bikes. Just enjoy your family and not worry about the TV, phone or ~insert distraction here~.

We headed up on Sunday after stopping by Subway and taking lunch with us. So armed with a bag from Fresh Market that had drinks and chips in it and a bag from Subway with our sandwiches. Camera. Blanket. We were on the road. On our way to Craggy.

Sadly the high pressure was gone and we weren't able to look way out at the mountains that we call home. We still had a nice time though.

Trying to eat:


I found MY spot:

Parkway #2

Then I had company:

Parkway #3

So much for QUIET:

Parkway #4

Breastfeeding while I enjoy nature on a blanket under a tree:

Parkway #5

B2 made a new friend:

Parkway #6

What is it about ROCKS?!?!?! :

Parkway #7

And more rocks!!! :

Parkway #8

That was our lunch on the parkway! We all enjoyed ourselves. Even the teenage daughter had a nice time. When HB took B2 and Lil O on a walk we sat on the blanket and talked. It was nice. :)


Helene said…
What beautiful family pictures! The one of you napping while breastfeeding your daughter is precious! I wish we had a quiet place to go where we live. It's all hussle and bussle here and no real place to find any peace and quiet, unless we drive 2 hours up to the Sierra mountains.
Supermom said…
Thank you !!!!

We are lucky to live where we do! Now if I was close to a beach too.

Michelle :)