I am a bad mother. I didn't put socks on my baby and now she is sick.

I was out in 80 degree weather on Friday.

I was told by two people that my baby didn't have socks on. She was in the wrap all next to me as I shopped at the grocery store and at the coffee shop.

So now Baby M is sick and I know it's because she wasn't wearing socks.


If you believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you.

~gentle smile~


Helene said…
I only had a minute (I have 4 kids too!!) but I browsed over your last few entries and I could totally relate to a lot of what you've written...the unsolicited comments from strangers (who apparently think they're better at the mothering thing than I am), the constant juggling act of managing 4 kids, a husband and a household (not to mention all the guilt!!), and trying to figure out when to connect intimately with my husband (I really don't WANT to but I know I NEED to for the health of our marriage). I've added you to my favorites...looks like you and I lead very similar lives!
Skye said…
My MIL was at the park with my son and someone asked her "Did you know they make shoes for babies his age?"

No, REALLY? We had no idea.

Why can't people mind their own business?
Supermom said…
LOL, I agree.

Thanks for commenting.

Michelle :)