Depression even at the happiest time of your life.

To get help and start to feel better you have to admit there is problem. A medication can help but admitting the depression is needed as well.

Tonight I am going to the first Moms Helping Moms Postpartum Depression Meeting. MHMPPDM.

I have been taking Zoloft for 2 1/2 months. It feels like it is not working anymore. I am doing my best to feel like the old Supermom.

I am looking forward to the meeting. Details to come.


Jennifer Saylor said…
Longtime depression sufferer here. You can beat it. I learned not to underestimate the importance of healthy diet and exercise, which make a huge difference in how depression affects me. I also have felt better with St. John's Wort and SamE.

Good luck!
Katherine Stone said…
Hang in there girl! Thousands of women know exactly how you feel, and we support you 100% in your recovery. Just be open and honest with your doctors about how the medicine is working (or not working) and what your feelings are. If you need anything, let me know.
Katherine Stone
Postpartum Progress
Katharine said…
It still blows my mind, but depression lifts. There was no way to really explain that to me so that I'd really get it back when I was still in the middle of it, but.. it does.. and that is truly one of the most lovely things! And it will lift! You will feel better! Everything actually will be okay!

I send you looooove!!

<3 Katharine
Anonymous said…
HI, I am happy you are getting some support. I am just now reaching out and I have been recovering for 9 months now. It is a weird road to travel, but I hope the best for you and your family. It is so hard to explain, just keep telling yourself the truth. It will be over...It will be over.. There is an end. I say that but struggle everyday to believe it.
Supermom said…
Thank you for the comments. It is nice to hear from others that are going through this/or have gone through this like I am.

I know it will get better :)

Thank you for your support.
Michelle :)
Didi said…
Hi, I know where you are, I was there too after I had my son. Like you I didn't recognize the problem and burried myself in it for almost a year. Then someone reached out to me. At my lowest, watching my baby learning how to smile help me pull through. I hope your support meeting will help you, if not don't be afraid to reach out....we're all here with you.
Anonymous said…
hi supermom, i am sending you great big virtual hugs across cyberland. :) hope you feel better soon! xoxo erin