Calling all Doctor Who fans!!!

I was introduced to Doctor Who by my husband. I remember it coming onto PBS as a small child and thinking, "OH NO, not that show.". I just wasn't interested as a small child. I favored my Barbie's more I suppose.

We were both thrilled when Christopher Eccleston became the Doctor. I thought he was BRILLIANT as he used to say all the time. I was really sad to see him go. I thought the show wouldn't be the same and I wouldn't like it. I was stubborn and said I didn't like David Tennant at first but he grew on me. Nahh, he is great too. I enjoy him as the Doctor.

We watched the season finale this weekend and I was sad. I won't write anything about it just in case you are waiting to see it. I am sad I have to wait until Christmas to see it again. Well, a new show that is. I can catch the older reruns on the telly.

Here is a link I want to share that my husband emailed me this morning.

The 10 greatest episodes of Doctor Who.