Build A Bear For A Pacifier Purpose.

$74.00 later....

If you are a reader of this blog then you know the trials of Lil O and her pacifier. I have blogged about it several times!!!

An idea came to me last night. How can I get rid of this paci?? How can I make it special to her?? What are my options?? You know what I came up with??

BUILD A BEAR!!!!!!!!!

So, this morning we went to the mall to Build A Bear. I explained to Lil O the process and that she was going to put her paci in the bear before they sewed it up and she would have her paci forever in the bear. If she was sleepy she could hug her bear and such...

She picked out a snuggly pink bear with white hearts all over it. She warmed up and kissed the heart and put it in the bear. Then she was ever so brave and kissed her paci and put it in the bear. Then the woman sewed it up. We bragged and bragged about her. Everyone there was so proud. They gave her a sticker for being so brave! It was really touching to me. For Lil O to give up something so precious to her and her well being.

Then I let her pick out clothes for her bear. You have to have accessories you know!! She picked out a pink stroller to push her bear around in. A Cinderella dress. A pair of Hello Kitty PJ's and slippers.

When it came to naming her bear she said "Bear". I said, "Why don't you name it Paci?". So Paci is her bears name. She has pushed Paci around all afternoon and changed her clothes often.

The test will be bedtime!!!

Introducing the new member of our family. Paci Bear.

Paci Bear

Lil O and Paci Bear at the Nature Center.

Build A Bear

We headed to the Nature Center after Build A Bear. They were having a Butterfly Exhibit. It was AWESOME. They had this special place set up. You walk in and they would spray your hand with sugar water and as the 100's of butterflies were flying around they would land on your hand. I took pictures of them and will post later. I have only so much time to type and I had to brag about Lil O this time.

Have a great afternoon and spread the word about Build A Bear to a parent trying to get rid of the pacifier. :)


Jennifer said…
Oh my gosh that is a brillant idea. I will keep this is mind when that time comes for me. Thanks for sharing.
Karen said…
You know, that really is a good idea. I'll pass that idea on to parents who are dealing with the same issue. :)
Katie said…
That was a fabulous idea... I definately will think of that when I hear someone mention the binky issue again.
Jen said…
I can't wait to hear how bedtime goes! We just took it away with boy1, the binky fairy came with girl and I had to cut the tip of it with boy2!
What a great idea! My son is two and a half and his paci is his best friend! I tried once to take it away at bedtimes, and boy that went over like a lead balloon! I might try your idea!!
Average Jane said…
I just suggested that to a friend yesterday. She was afraid her daughter would rip the bear open to get the pacis out!