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Breast Milk Does A Body Good

Breast milk Does Every Body Good

Eye infections: Squirt in an open or closed eye. If the eye is closed have the person lie back, squirt it, then open his or her eye. 4 times or more per day.

Plugged eye ducts: Squirt into the eye crease at the nose. Do this 4 times one day and 2 times the next.

Conjunctivitis (”Pink Eye”): Same as Plugged eye ducts, but continue with 4 times daily until the crust is gone.

Sties: Same as Conjunctivitis.

Sore/cracked nipples: Rub into nipples and air dry.

Scratches: Squirt and air dry, bandage, etc. as normal.

Burns: Same as scratches.

Diaper rash: Squirt and air dry.

Mosquito bites: Squirt on bite and rub in. Stops the itching.

Ant bites: Same as Mosquito bites.

Ear infections: Squirt or pour into sore ear. Can follow with warm (not hot) olive oil and garlic.

Acne: Wash face with water, then follow with breast milk squirted onto a cotton (be sure it’s cotton, that synthetic stuff can scratch the surface of your skin and cause problems) puff and apply all over face.

Sore throats: Anyone who will let you can be helped by a squirt of breast milk. Either by direct squirt or if applied from a sterile plastic cup.

Stuffy noses: Squirt into nose and suction or squeeze out as you would with saline.

Contact lenses: If you have an irritant under your lens and forgot your eye drops, take it out, hand express to get a nice little stream going to rinse contact off.

Eye puffiness and redness: Express breast milk and pour over eyes. Does as good of job, if not better, than tea bags!

Breast cancer: Recent studies suggests that just the simple and natural act of breastfeeding can benefit mom as well by providing protection against breast cancer.

Cold sores/Fever blisters: Express a small amount of breast milk onto clean finger and apply immediately to cold sore. Ends pain and helps speed the healing process.

Chicken pox: Use as you would Calamine Lotion or some other ointment.Leg ulcers: Someone has claimed of hearing about a breastfeeding mother putting breast milk on an elderly relative’s unhealing leg ulcers, it cleared them up too. I don’t know how long it took.

Chapped lips/skin: Express a small amount onto fingers and wipe over lips or skin. Do not rub it in…leave a little wet.


Oh, how wonderful! I just posted an entry on my blog ( about the many advantages of breastfeeding and also mentioned that breastmilk seems to cure everything!!
I will make sure to mention this on my blog!

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