You mean I can have sex now? Sex after having a baby.

~I hope this doesn't make my husband blush but it IS blog worthy~

It eventually happens after you have a baby. Cesarean or vaginal, the feelings are the same. Having sex after a baby is sort of like getting ready for a first date. All nervous with butterflies. The moment has to be right. You take a bath/shower. SO you don't smell like a milk machine. You shave your legs and under your arms. You put your smell good lotion on. You want to feel like a WOMAN and not a MOTHER!!! Then you pray to find the time between breastfeeding and taking care of the other kids to be alone.

It is really hard, for me, to find that moment. After having a baby sucking on me for the past 11 WEEKS and then to think of sex. It is hard for us moms. We still love our husbands, promise. In all fairness, there are 4 kids in our house. It's juggling to find time to be alone. And when we do crawl in bed all I want to do is SLEEP!! Or try to if the baby will let me.

Not to forget the Zoloft I am taking for PPD. That zaps what sexual appetite I have to pieces like a bug zapper.

I look forward to having sex again......I just hope its days away instead of weeks. HA HA!!