The Yearly Trip to Tourist Town.

HOWDY!!! I'm baaaaack! From the mountains of TN. I go to Pigeon Forge, TN every year with my family. My mamaw and great aunt like to shop and hang out by the pool watching the kids play. Plus go out to eat. We always have a great time and I feel blessed to enjoy this time with them every year. We pop popcorn and stay up late talking. It is really nice.

On our way to Pigeon Forge, TN

We headed down a day early this year because we were taking the kids to Dollywood. I haven't been there in 12 years so it was all new to me!!! It was loads of fun. Lots of great rides, shows and food. Everyone had a great time. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Kratt Brothers LIVE!!! Before Gordon came around I had a huge crush on one of the brothers. The one in the blue shirt in fact. He is such a cutie!!!!!!! They are in Dollywood doing their show all summer! ~Lil O calls them the Crack Brothers!!~ HA HA!!!

Kratt Brothers Live Show - Dollywood

~swoon, to have an animal adventure with him~

Okay, back to the trip! In Dollywood we rode the rides, watched a few shows, took a train ride, had great food and shopped! I even met a friendly bear. Looks like he is trying to give me a wet willy.

I met a bear in Dollywood.

BTW, do people never see a woman wearing her baby in a wrap??? You won't believe all the odd strange looks that Baby M and I got! DUHHH, people!! Yes, it is a baby in there. Yes, she can breath! No, she isn't being squeezed to death. Yes, she loves it! She has been in the wrap since she was 7 days old. To her she feels like she was never born. All snuggled up next to mommy. No, IT'S NOT A TUMOR!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist! ha ha

Dollywood - O's first coaster!

Lil O loved riding her first coaster!!!!! She rode the Veggie Tales coaster and LOVED IT!!!

Then we took a train ride on Klondike Katie!

Dollywood --Train Ride

Dollywood - Train ride
While the boys went to ride a coaster, us girls watched a show.

A very Veggie Show. :)

Dollywood - Veggie Tale Show

After our day at Dollywood we were ready to head back to our room and hit the pool. Nap or eat, whatever. This is where we met up with my mamaw and great aunt!

O by the pool.

O by the pool.

Pigeon Forge - B2 slide

B2 coming down the slide.

Pigeon Forge - By Pool

Baby M laughing.

Pigeon Forge - B2 & O slide

Big Brother helping Lil O down the slide.

Pigeon Forge - Supermom with Baby M

This would be me and Baby M. No I am not breastfeeding. BUT IF I WAS!! Please stop staring at me!!! I don't stare at you when you bring out a bottle and feed your baby now do I??? It's like you haven't seen a woman breastfeeding before. Get real!

Pigeon Forge - Supermom with her hero Supergrandmother

This is me again with my superhero! My mamaw!!!

We had a blast as you can tell!!! Maybe we should head back again before the kids go to school!!!!


Lindsay said…
Hi Supermom! We're glad you enjoyed your Pigeon Forge vacation! If you haven't been to Dollywood in 12 years, you were certainly in for a treat! Glad everything exceeded your expectations.

And yes, you should definitely head back before the kids go to school! Take advantage of Tennessee's tax-free weekend in August and save money on your back-to-school supplies.

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