Supermom Doesn't Blog Here Anymore.

Who knew having a 4th child would take up soooooooo much of my waking and sleeping hours?? Perhaps I would have settled for a dog instead. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

No I don't think I would have taken the dog instead. Hmm, but I wouldn't have to worry about a college fund or love interests when she is older.

I did spend some quality time with Lil O yesterday. We made a cake together and it was YUMMY!!!!!

I have been working on a menu for the week and things for the kids to do. IE: Pool, Fun Depot, Movies and the Library. Oh, and getting all four of them in a picture!!!!! I am crossing my fingers on that to play out! Just so 3 of them are looking at the camera with a smile I really don't mind what the baby is doing. Unless she is screaming. I wouldn't want that in a picture.

Well anyway....must go hold a baby that is ready to nurse and nap. Ahhh, the life of a baby.

I promise to do better with blogging in the future. If I can GET my HB to Verizon to get the BLACKBERRY then I could blog from the couch. Perhaps while nursing. While in bed trying to sleep. Or maybe in the middle of the night while changing a diaper. You get the drift! TA TA!!