The Pacifier Intervention

~a scheduled post while I am away from the computer~

This relates to the previous post. Since the new baby our pacifier routine is SHOT!!!! I have even spoken to her doctor at the baby's two month checkup.

(Before new baby) At first we took the paci away in this post: Lil O and the Pacifier

(Before new baby) Then: Pacifier Part 2

(Before new baby) Then the breakdown: So what. Maybe if we all slept with a pacifier the world would be a better place.

(Before new baby) Then we struck a deal: Happy March 1st

So here it is 9 weeks after the baby and the pacifier has become more stressful than I could even imagine. She wants it all the time. The at nap time and bedtime paci was working GREAT!!! I understand she is going through so much with a new baby in the house. I just get tired of my smiling 3 year old screaming and kicking over a pacifier. Makes me want to flush it down the toilet. If I wasn't afraid it would stop up the toilet I would do JUST THAT!!!! Then she would see it really was gone forever.

Does that make me mean???


Missy said…
Aww hun, I'm sorry lil O is wreaking havoc over the paci. My oldest was hard to break from the binky too. I've seen some pretty good solutions for breaking the binky habit, but it seems you've already tried most. With my girl what we finally had to do was snip the ends of the paci nipple with a pair of scissors. It just didn't work the same and she finally realized it was "broken" and we threw all 6 of them away together. The first 3 nights after that were hard but she got over it. I don't know if it will work with O but I guess it could be worth a shot.
Supermom said…
Thank you Missy!

I know it will all work out.

There needs to be a paci patch...LOL