My 3 year old makes me want to cry.

~a scheduled post while I am away from my computer~

I am having difficulty with my 3 year old since the baby has been here. Yeah it was all nice smelling flowers for two weeks then it turned SOUR!!! A real stinky sour. Like there is a sweet sour smell. Sour like baby spit up that you found on a onesies that you forgot was in the diaper bag. Now that is S O U R ! ! ! ! ! !

We are at our whits end and not sure what to do next. She is hitting, kicking and screaming at us and others. I wish there was a Terrible 3's Boot camp that I could drop her off for a year. I have never had the terrible 2's just the TERRIBLE 3'S! We have tried spanking her. Sitting her on the bed. Taking things away. Ignoring her. Nothing works. She will follow you around the house SCREAMING at the top of her lungs at you. I am sure my neighbors think I am being mean to her. If you are a neighbor or a friend of my neighbors who have complained about her crying, please pass to them she is just fine. Could you do that for me? And if you want to come entertain her when you hear all of it, please stop by! I'll fix coffee for us. We can play a game of Gin while we both ignore the perfectly okay baby that is going through a terrible 3 stage. :)

Other things we have tried and failed terribly at: Pinching her back if she pinches you. Didn't work. Shouting back WAHHHHHH at her. Didn't work. ~See previous about how we are not being mean to her, just trying to make her stop her fit.~ Kicking on the floor. Didn't work. Hitting her back if she hits us. Didn't work. I promise again she isn't being hurt in all this. Well, I am sure the pinching hurts but HEY it hurt us when she pinched us FIRST!

Also as a mother I can TUNE any of my children out when needed. So again if you hear her screaming and think I am not there to kiss and make it all better. I am here. Ignoring her terrible 3 tantrum. ~gentle smile~

Oh oh I forgot one that I knew would work. Holding her on the bed during a tantrum. Kissing, hugging and tickling her all over while telling her how much we loved her. DIDN'T WORK!! She would scream, GET OFF ME!!!!!! I would continue to kiss and tell her how much I loved her.

I know that all of this is happening because the new baby takes MOST of my waking time. I try to do things with her and such but it's not working well. UGH!!!!!!! I really need to add a couple extra hours to the 24 hour day. How can I do this?? Anyone know??

Oh well, I know this too shall pass.....I just hope it passes QUICKLY so I stay sane.


juliagulia said…
sorry it does get better i had a pediatrition tell me once he was also a old friend of the family when my 2nd was born that if you have to let one cry for 5 mins let it be the baby yes they do need you for everything but the 2 0r in your case the 3 yr old will remember mom was not there when she needed her and it only takes a min to get a snack or a toy or movie set up or book to read well you nurse baby. i hope this helps.
good luck and dont pull to much hair out.
Supermom said…
Thank you for the comment! I totally understand and agree. I will let the baby cry for a few knowing she is just fine while I tend to Lil O.

Being a child is hard but being a parent is harder.

Michelle :)