Moms are used to eating cold food.

Let me explain.

We as mothers take care of everyone else in the home. We are the true short order cooks. With young children around it is hard to eat a HOT meal!!! They usually finish first then you have to bathe them. Or they are making a mess and you have to clean it up.

With having an infant in the house it is even harder to eat a hot meal. She can be in a deep sleep and when I go to eat she is WIDE AWAKE!!! No joke. Yes, I can breastfeed her while I eat and I usually do. That requires a delicate ritual as to not spill everything on her. And if it's anything that requires a napkin I can forget about it. I would just wait until she is fed then enjoy my cold meal alone either in the kitchen or sitting by myself at the table.

Sunday's I usually make homemade pancakes for everyone. Even with my griddle I am the last to sit down to eat and by then everyone is finished. Do they think to sit at the table with me to small talk??? Nooooo, they are off and running. Occasionally my husband will stay but his eyes are glued to Sunday Morning on the telly. Then I go clean up the mess.....

Short order cook I tell you.