The Missing Duster...

Yesterday something comical happened and I wanted to share.

Lil O is known for getting my duster (the hand held swiffer kind) and helping me dust around the house. I had just changed it to a new clean duster and had it sitting in the chair in my bedroom. That is usually where I start my dusting. I was in a CLEANING mood yesterday and had my day planned out. Mopping, vacuuming and dusting every inch of the house. Except the hidden inches, I am not joking on that one.

I went to grab the duster and it was gone. Missing. I knew it had walked away with help. So I yell for Lil O to come in the bedroom and start to interrogate her over the missing duster. She HAD GUILT written all over her 3 year old face. Those big brown eyes didn't look a little innocent. In my mind I am picturing a dark room with a light in her eyes as I say, "I KNOW YOU TOOK IT!!! FESS UP!! WHERE IS IT?". She just smiled and such. She walked around helping me look for it as she would say, "I cannot find it.". I searched all over my bedroom, under the bed, in the closet and even IN her bed. N O T H I N G !!!

So, I brought out the big guns. I called her daddy. TWICE. He didn't answer the first time. I am sure he thought there was a MAJOR emergency with me calling two times in a row. AND THERE WAS! My DUSTER was missing!!!!

Me- YOUR daughter took my duster and now she won't tell me where it is!!! Here talk to her!

I hand the phone to Lil O. She was listening and talking to him. Telling him she couldn't find the duster. Moving her hands around and such. I get the phone back from her to HEAR my husband laughing at my emergency situation.

Me- I KNOW she has it and she won't give it back to me!


It's not nice to laugh at an OCD wife on ZOLOFT who is missing her DUSTER!!!!

We get off the phone and I start to backtrack and think about the chair. What was in it? Who has been in my room? Could it have been moved?

BINGO!! I had cleaned out some of my clothes for Goodwill. I had been shopping Sunday at JCP for clothes that didn't have elastic around the waist. You can only wear MATERNITY clothes for soooo long and I have had my fill!! So, I bought clothes on Sunday that zip and snap!!! ha ha It is the little things in life! Anyway, I had bagged the Goodwill things up and took them into the basement. So here I go downstairs with a baby attached to my boob and Lil O in tow because she wanted to help me. I dump the bag out and guess what?

The missing duster was FOUND.

Of course I had to apologize to Lil O for blaming her for it and she just smiled as I kissed her forehead. I promise she had GUILT written all over her face at the beginning. Maybe she has done something that I haven't discovered yet for the guilty face. I hope not. LOL

So, I dusted, vacuumed and mopped. Then made a lovely Mango Salsa. Corn on the cob and cooked some white fish in garlic and olive oil for a TASTY dinner. Then I served these great fruit bowls. I had cut up fresh strawberries and a kiwi. Then added fresh blueberries. This Supermom did it all yesterday! ~insert pleased look here~


Katie Mae said…
LOL! It is the Zoloft for sure! My OCD is pretty bad too and a missing duster would have sent me into a tail spin!

After 4 hours of yard work yesterday above all else I had done, Ry told me I needed to "slow down and take my time doing stuff" and all I could ask him was, "exactly HOW LONG did you want me to work on the yard dear?"

He laughed... and it wasn't really a funny question! Missing dusters and working in the yard until 2AM just doesn't tickle me! But it does really!!! LOL!

Glad you found the duster. And it's too cute that O still helped you look for it, knowing you thought she had it and knowing she didn't LOL!